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Clapham Venn Street Sourced Market

Everyone loved Venn Street Market when it rolled into Clapham town at the end of last year, although few people knew about it. Luckily, the market has committed to return on a regular basis this year and Love Clapham is bloomin’ over the moon! Nice hot sandwiches, burgers, churros and more for Saturday and Sunday lunch ­čś« The dates are below.

Venn Street Market takes┬áplace over three days – Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on the last weekend of every month. Fridays and Saturdays are FOOD market days and Sundays are FLOWER market days with FOOD.

Market dates for 2010:

  • Friday 29 – Sunday┬á31 January
  • Friday 26 – Sunday 28 February
  • Friday 26 – Sunday 28 March
  • Friday 23 – Sunday 25 April
  • Friday 28 – Sunday 30 May
  • Friday 25 – Sunday 27 June
  • Friday 23 – Sunday 25 July
  • Friday 27 – Sunday 29 August
  • Friday 24 – Sunday 26 September
  • Friday 29 – Sunday 31 October
  • Friday 26 – Sunday 28 November
  • Christmas Market to be confirmed

14 thoughts on “Venn Street Market – 2010 dates

  1. I think if it continues to be monthly only, this is only going to continue as a hobby market and not a true alternative to supermarket shopping.

  2. if you want the market to aweekly market you got spend not just say looks lovely then go of to supermarket ie use it or losse it

  3. Venn St Market will become a weekly market in 2011. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as you would hope. Currently legislation forces us to apply for an events notice for each market we hold – the maximum we can do this is monthly. For us to be able to hold a market weekly the street needs to be reclassified. For this to happen the street needs to be physically changed – including pedestrianising it and installing electricity plug-in points. These are currently scheduled to take place in April.

    Unfortunately there’s lots of legislation in London that makes holding a market quite difficult. In the meantime show your support for the market by shopping there as much as you can!

  4. As lovely as the market is, it is unfortunately a real pain for residence of the area. I enjoy the market when it is on, but would actually prefer it to be a quarterly event, rather than monthly, and definitely not weekly.

    It is already extremely difficult to park in the area, and the market makes it even more difficult – not to mention parking tickets and towing, if you happen to have parked on Venn Street and haven’t been around to see the “parking suspension” notice for the few days leading up to the market.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do love the market – I think it brings character and charm to the street, however, not to put too much a dampner on it, it is a disruption to the nearby residence if it happens too often.

  5. But has anyone thought of the impact on local businesses that pay rents and rates and are open 7 days a week servicing the area, only for Venn street market to take away from them, because to the best of my knowledge the market benefits few apart from the coffee places and takes away from everyone else! Give the stalls to local business at reasonable rates, rather than the extortionate prices they are charging for a pitch which is currentley 3 times higher than a stall in Borough market, This so called “Market” generates a lot of money for the organisers and gives very little back to Clapham. Put the market into the hands of locals and let it be a truely Clapham market, we have enough local talent without needing to bring people in from far and wide.

  6. Marc if you like the market so much perhaps you wouldnt mind having it on your street every week?

  7. If you are thinking of attending Venn Street market dont bother. Sunday 27th Feb we visited to find one flower stall, rip of prices and very little of anything else.

  8. I went to Venn St on Sunday and it was brilliant, great atmosphere with such a variety of produce and food on offer. As for the effect on local businesses, the cafes and restaurants along the street were packed, myself and my friend had to perch on the curb to sit down as there was no space at any of the eateries along the road. People were enjoying just being there as the place was buzzing and surely the inconvenience of parking once a month is balanced out by having such a great event in the area for the community to enjoy.

  9. Market is overpriced and a pain for the locals.. Locals, I attended and found nothing that I’d go back for, weekly this market would fall massively.. Food is bo better or different that I can get locally and flowers where nowhere near the quality I got from a small stall opposite even thou the market was charging a lot more.. I will continue to spend my money on the local businesses rather than this market

  10. The Market operators of this now soon to be weekly market are vile.

    My friend owns a business in the street and has had constant problems with them ignoring pleas for them to take down their stalls at the end of the day when they had finshed so other businesses could offer their customers a view other than that of empty stalls. Their suggestion was that each business pay a fee to the market for the pleasure of tacking thier own stalls down!!

    Thier plan once the market goes weekly was to load up the market with hot food stalls to maximise profit rather than creating a Artisan market the area would benefit from and have amore postive impact on the area.

    Obviously you would think that the cafes and restaurants on the street would be considered in any plans. Rows and rows of hot stalls would be in direct competion with the local independants. Nope Kate the operator said it was not her problem and didnt care.

    Support local busineses not outside traders who dont contribute to fabric of clapham or petition the council to get oprators who can provide a concept that will enhance the area without harming the local businesses in situ.

  11. Hi all,

    I’m a reporter at the Lambeth Weekender writing a piece about the new weekly Venn St Market – could any residents and local businesses opposed to the new weekly opening hours and the effect the market has on the area please contact me at or 0207 231 5258 to air their views.



  12. That does look like a ‘French eatery’ I’d be tmeetpd to head to for a meal, too many French have that snotty ‘”international cuisine”‘ feeling about them which is totally off putting. Love the look of the croque-madame and coffee in a bowl is the way to kick off day in London.

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