The Big Lunch

Amazingly ‘Jubilee Day’ is only just over six weeks away and whilst many of you are already well on the way to planning your street parties, some of you maybe at a slight loose end over the bank holiday weekend. LoveClapham was perusing the web in search exciting ideas to make our own party go off with a bang, when we came across The Big Lunch – so thought we’d share. It’s a very simple idea generated from the Eden Project, encouraging as many people as possible across the UK to have lunch, ‘fun and games’ with their neighbours. This can be anything from a small BBQ and a few quiet drinks in the garden to a full blown street party extravaganza! With support from TV and radio celebrities, people all over the country have really taken to the idea planning all sorts of exciting events, taking inspiration from previous Big Lunches. Over 10 MILLION people came out to celebrate the Silver Jubilee in 1977 so The Big Lunch are encouraging people to get in the patriotic spirit and get as many people out again this summer. Clappers – we know you love a good street party so why not have a think about requesting their free guide! Happy luncheon-ing!

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