Open Studios Art Show

Open Studios Art Show

As you can probably tell, Love Clapham loves a bit of artistic flair, so imagine our delight when Clapham resident artist Katy Jackson got in touch to tell us about this month’s Open Studios Art Show.  The Open Studios Art Show is on from Thursday 26 – Sunday 29 November in Wimbledon and features a number of local Clapham artists, including Katy. Continue reading

Clapham History: Clapham North Deep Shelter

Clapham North Deep Shelter

Check out this awesomeness from the Clapham North Deep Shelter. Built to house 12,000 people during the air raids of World War II, these rare photos offer a unique look into the forgotten structures. Urban Explorer UK has a stunning set of photos taken inside the shelter including a couple with models which bring these pieces of history bang up-to-date. Their size is mind boggling when you think they’re lying there beneath Clapham High Street. Kudos to Urban Explorer for securing access when they aren’t open to the public.

Clapham Businesses Failing to Adapt to Recession

Clapham High Street Shops

Love Clapham HQ had serious concerns for Clapham’s local shops and restaurants when the economy started to collapse. The area has done fairly well, although there have been casualties. As the recession continues to bite and moves into its sixth successive quarter, I’m shocked to see that many local businesses simply aren’t applying simple tactics to survive the the slump in spending. The majority of Clapham’s restaurants are extremely overpriced, yet often half empty; some even put their prices up this year! Some shops on Clapham High Street don’t stay open past 5.30; again, not ideal when the majority of Clapham’s resident’s commute to Central London, working until gone 6pm. Here’s a tip: restaurants, cut the price of your entire menus by £1 per dish and shops change your opening hours. Then tell everyone about it! You can use LoveClapham for free to do this… I still find it amazing how few Clapham businesses get in contact to tell us about their offers. This site has thousands of visitors and we don’t charge a penny for passing on news of good offers.

Register to Vote before 21 November

Vote in local Lambeth elections

Whether you live in Lambeth or Wandsworth, time is running out to make sure you are registered on the “electoral register”, the list that allows you to vote in local and general elections. You have until 21st November to register, and if you don’t you won’t have a say in who runs the local council or who runs the country for the next four years. That should be important enough, but if it isn’t, by not being registered it can mess up your ability to get loans, bank accounts, direct debits etc. Continue reading

Children’s Drama Classes in Clapham

Clapham children's drama classes

Dramatical Theatre School in Clapham, between Clapham North and Wandsworth Road, has sent in some information about the children’s drama classes it now offers for 4 – 8 year olds. They say that “At Dramatical, we are dedicated to teaching drama to your child in exciting ways that help their physical and mental development, as well as their confidence.” Keep reading for full information and to contact them. Continue reading

Clapham Awards 2009: the winners

Clapham Awards 2009

Hundreds and hundreds of Claphamites voted over the past month in the first ever local awards, the Clapham Awards 2009. With honours up for grabs for the best pub, bar, restaurant, shop and more, the awards were incredibly competitive – and one bar has totally cleaned up! We also have the Best Clapham Oddity award, Clapper of the Year and the award for Clapham’s best loved music artist. Now though, the votes are in, counted and without further ado, we’re excited to reveal to you the winners and runners up… Continue reading

Inglourious Basterds Competition: winners!!

Inglourious Basterds

Last month we ran a competition to win some pretty cool Inglourious Basterds goodies including posters, limited edition t-shirts, caps and a bag. Well we’re proud to announce that the winners of the competition are Mark McDermott of Balham and Susan Macnamara of Clapham. We’ll be in touch with the winners about getting the goodies to you, and later today we’ll be starting another competition to win some ace Julie & Julia film merchandise. Stay tuned!

GAIL’s Bakery – Coffee Olympics

Clapham Junction Coffee Olympics

Gail’s bakery opened this summer on Northcote Road, billing itself as a “celebration of real bread” – using only fresh, natural, healthy ingredients, handmade and seriously ‘slow-dough’ for extra character. They also make cakes, cookies, sweets, seasonal salads, fresh soups, tasty sandwiches, tea and coffee. The airy, open and relaxed space rapidly established itself as a favourite with locals (and especially this local), raising the bar even higher for an area already packed with quality establishments. Continue reading

Clapham Weekend: festivals and cinema

Clapham Festivals 2009

Love Clapham’s on holiday this week, so sorry about the site being slightly quieter. This weekend marks the end of Clapham’s run of festivals – boo hoo! – and it’s the big ones, SW4 and Get Loaded in the Park. If you managed to secure yourself tickets have a wicked time! We’ll have Clapham Picture House’s film listings up today or tomorrow, but Love Clapham’s mega excited about a one-off charity screening of Bugsie Malone at 1pm on Bank Holiday Monday. Classic! Now, if you will excuse us, Love Clapham needs to go and chillax. TTYL.