Mayor of Lambeth Civic Service

Lambeth Mayor

Lambeth’s larger than life Mayor, Christopher Wellbelove, will be celebrating the year’s Mayoralty at the Holy Trinity Church on Clapham Common on Sunday 14th February at 2.50 – 4.00pm. It is open to all and followed by refreshments. Not only will this give you the chance to see this magnificent and historic building, it’s also an opportunity to raise money for the local charities Trinity Hospice, Clapham Youth Centre and Lambeth Womens Aid. Importantly, it’s also a chance to celebrate our Mayor – from Clapham! – who’s played a massive role in our community this year. Hopefully you can all make it.

Venn Street Market – 2010 dates

Clapham Venn Street Sourced Market

Everyone loved Venn Street Market when it rolled into Clapham town at the end of last year, although few people knew about it. Luckily, the market has committed to return on a regular basis this year and Love Clapham is bloomin’ over the moon! Nice hot sandwiches, burgers, churros and more for Saturday and Sunday lunch 😮 The dates are below. Continue reading

Clapham One development is go!

Clapham One

The future face of the Clapham High Street area, named Clapham One, is finally taking shape after a long delay caused by funding problems during the recession. But, it’s a new year and Lambeth Council has now secured the construction of a new library, mini shopping centre and housing unit on the High Street and an entirely new, renovated leisure centre to replace the (now closed) existing one. The scheme is exciting, but has been met with some criticism. We asked our Clapper followers on Twitter what they thought. Continue reading

Going, going…

Clapham's Mary Seacole House

Mary Seacole House’s number seems to be up. It’s the old Council building on Clapham High Street, and to be honest, the dated building was doomed the day the plans for the new Clapham library and shopping complex were approved to be built on the site. Lambeth Council leader Steve Reed expressed his desire to see the building removed as soon as possible last year, and with scaffolding being erected his wish looks set to come true! Love Clapham can’t wait. If you love pictures of scaffolding, see below (I promise these pics will get more exciting as the thing is torn down!) Continue reading

Happy New Year Clappers!

Clapham Snow 2010

What a poor snowing we’ve had in Clapham. Promised 40cm we’ve woken to a maximum of 2cm and pavements covered in ice. On my way to work I thought we’d been overrun by zombies as people shuffled toward the tube station. I for one feel short changed… It does look pretty though, so please keep uploading your snow pics to our Clapham Network. I should take this opportunity to wish each and every Clapper a very happy New Year! 2009 was a fantastic start for Love Clapham and I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received. I’ve found it great fun keeping everyone informed of local issues and this year I plan to keep going with local news and info plus to start getting slightly political in the run up to the local elections to help all of us make the right decisions (usually I’ve got no idea who I should be voting for!) If there’s anything you think Love Clapham should be doing more of in 2010, please let me know 😮

Clapham Mince Pie Review

Clapham Mince Pies

MilkInIt has been voted top mince pie retailer near Clapham Common in a taste test by local students. Four students tried mince pies from six food retailers in Clapham, which included Starbucks, Greggs, Esca, MilkInIt, McDonalds and The Windmill. The winning mince pie came top for both its pastry and mincemeat, and was served warm with a choice of brandy cream or frozen yoghurt. Continue reading

Doubledecker Bus Overturned in Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction Bus Crash

As you may have seen on BBC news, this morning at 8.30am a bus overturned on the junction of Plough Road and Harbut Road in Clapham Junction leaving 20 people injured with four people, including the driver, seriously injured. The BBC has a set of high resolution photos here that show how serious the accident really was. Three people had to be cut free from the bus by firefighters and a number of the passengers were rushed to hospital. The bus was a ‘C3’ bus from Clapham Junction to Earl’s Court. We’re trying to find out more and will update as we hear it… See the first picture on BBC news and read more on The Guardian, Sky News and Daily Mail. Thanks to the Clappers following Love Clapham on Twitter for the info.

Disgusting Clapham Businesses Abusing Residents

Clapham Junk Mail Disgusting

This is the list of local businesses abusing Clapham residents’ homes by ignoring people’s no junk mail stickers – which is completely unacceptable. All the businesses have to do is ask their leaflet delivery person to stop. Until then, the businesses will be listed here on LoveClapham, a site that has thousands of local residents reading it each week. And this is just the beginning of our Name & Shame Junk Mail Campaign, our messaging will get stronger. We recommend Clapham residents boycott these businesses completely until they stop.  Continue reading

Clapham Venn Street Market – NEEDS YOU!

Clapham Venn Street Sourced Market

This weekend saw the introduction of the Clapham Venn Street Market with locally sourced, seasonal produce piled high for Clappers to enjoy. As a local resident of Clapham, I have to say that this is probably the best thing to happen to the Clapham High Street area in years (it’s on Venn Street, outside the cinema). With a variety of hot and cold food, fresh veg, breads, cakes and even handmade Christmas decorations, it was a genuine treat, but it requires your support if you want to keep it. Continue reading

Name & Shame Junk Mail Campaign

No Junk Mail in Clapham!

As no one else has done anything about this, Love Clapham has created a three step pro-active plan to tackling Clapham’s junk mail problem including printing ‘NO JUNK MAIL’ stickers out of our own pocket, and they aren’t cheap! If you would like a free sticker, email in with your name and address. Otherwise we’ll be giving the stickers out for free in Clapham over the coming weeks, so follow us on twitter @loveclapham to receive alerts of where and when this will be (they look better in real life… I stuck mine on slightly wonky).

Continue reading

New Clapham Monthly Food & Flower Market

Northcote Road Market

Simply marvellous news Clappers! Word has reached LoveClapham that we have a major new piece of amazing coming our way from the end of the month; an all new monthly food and flower market on Venn Street (behind Clapham Highstreet, by the post office depot). Yes, Love Clapham is totally over-the-moon. The first market, by Sourced Market, will be on Friday 27th – Sunday 29th November. Read on for more information. Continue reading

Clapham Christmas Market

Clapham Christmas Market

OK! You got me, I give into Christmas! I’ve been avoiding Christmas at all costs. The IN YER FACE Christmas adverts on TV at the moment have been making me anti-Christmas – they keep filling me with the overwhelming urge to stick needles in my eyes instead of Christmas cheer. So thank heavens for the lovely little leaflet popped into my letter box this week that reminded me of what Christmas is all about: a fun ol’ get together! Tomorrow, Saturday 21st November from 2 – 4pm at St Peter’s Halls, Prescott Place off of the Highstreet is Clapham’s first Christmas Market of 2009. I love everything about the leaflet that promises “bargains galore” for the price of a mere fifty pence piece entry charge. There will be a tombola, gifts, toys, preserves, books and other goodies. Do the organisers a favour and nip in for a cup of tea and a look around.