Register to Vote before 21 November

Vote in local Lambeth elections

Whether you live in Lambeth or Wandsworth, time is running out to make sure you are registered on the “electoral register”, the list that allows you to vote in local and general elections. You have until 21st November to register, and if you don’t you won’t have a say in who runs the local council or who runs the country for the next four years. That should be important enough, but if it isn’t, by not being registered it can mess up your ability to get loans, bank accounts, direct debits etc. Continue reading

Interview with Steve Reed, Leader of Lambeth Council

Steve Reed Leader of Lambeth Council

In this frank interview, Steve Reed the Leader of Lambeth Council, talks about new community developments, solving local youth crime, charity bike rides, where our money is spent and helps us to understand local politics. Did you know there’s been a 2 year Council Tax freeze? If you didn’t, you do now. It is essential reading for anyone that lives in Clapham or the wider Lambeth borough. Continue reading

Vegging out at Lambeth Country Show

Vegetable competition 2009 Lambeth Country Show

There was I, perusing my @loveclapham Twitter account when ding-dong in comes this doozy of a link detailing the winners and losers of the Vegetable Figure competition at the Lambeth Country Show 2009. It’s always a brilliant event (the overall show too…) with hilarious consequences. LoveClapham’s personal favourite is the above Cauli-Sheep. It’s got such a nice smile. Check out the other entries including a King Edward Potato of Pop, Michael Jackson carving by the West End Whingers. The Mayor and Mayoress of Lambeth are fast becoming the area’s most amazing personalities. If you don’t believe me, check out the Mayor of Lambeth’s photo and video report from the show. If you’ve ever seen a Mayor that can rival the ‘on miniature train shot’, we dare you to get in touch.

Lambeth Country Show – this weekend!

Lambeth Country Show

Newsflash people!! This Saturday and Sunday cows, chickens and sheep will trotting and clucking their way to Brockwell Park for the annual Lambeth Country Show. It’s an amazing event for all the family and essential for anyone with children brought up in the city – show them where their food comes from! With music, fluffy animals, owl displays, eagle displays, sheep displays and much much more, you’d be a City Fox of a fool to miss it. Visit the Lambeth Country Show website for all of the information, timings and attractions.