Clapham Junction Riots

Monday 8th of August 2011 will be the day all local residents remember wanton violence coming to our much loved streets. Worst hit was the Clapham Junction area around Lavender Hill caught in its early throes in the below video.

Of course, the most familiar image to us all is now the gutted Party Superstore – which Love Clapham has frequented for many a fancy dress party – ablaze.

Other shops were smashed, looted and destroyed in a disgusting abuse of our local area. Clapham High Street was largely unaffected, although Blockbuster near Clapham North has had its windows smashed, and property destroyed and stolen. Love Clapham witnessed a gang of 20 or so hooded youths lurking behind KFC at around 11pm – they may have been entirely innocent, but last night was not the night to be hanging around in gangs.

Riot police eventually turn up en masse captured in this resident’s video:

No one involved had any intentions of delivering a political of social message, they just wanted to enjoy themselves by destroying people’s livelihoods. It was disturbing to watch on television, and terrifying for some of our residents stuck in the thick of the violence. Personally, the worst image for me was that of the young girls in the attack laughing at their friends tearing a TV off the wall in Ladbrokes. Such a depressingly pathetic display of ignorance and stupidity.

But the local community has come together in a tear jerking response as residents supported those affected today with broom in hand to clean up. Something to be proud of. Take care Clappers.

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Clapham Spring News Round-up

Clapham Common Spring Sunset

Like a big bad pink boyfriend, I have let you down Clapham. Love Clapham simply hasn’t been paying you enough attention recently. With spring in the air however, it’s time for me to bring out the flowers and make things better. Yes, I am going to virtually snog you with an update on the latest Clapham news. Read on dear and loyal Clappers, read on… Continue reading

Happy New Year Clappers!

Clapham Snow 2010

What a poor snowing we’ve had in Clapham. Promised 40cm we’ve woken to a maximum of 2cm and pavements covered in ice. On my way to work I thought we’d been overrun by zombies as people shuffled toward the tube station. I for one feel short changed… It does look pretty though, so please keep uploading your snow pics to our Clapham Network. I should take this opportunity to wish each and every Clapper a very happy New Year! 2009 was a fantastic start for Love Clapham and I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received. I’ve found it great fun keeping everyone informed of local issues and this year I plan to keep going with local news and info plus to start getting slightly political in the run up to the local elections to help all of us make the right decisions (usually I’ve got no idea who I should be voting for!) If there’s anything you think Love Clapham should be doing more of in 2010, please let me know 😮

Clapham leaflet abuse must STOP!

Junk mail in Clapham, London

Back in April Love Clapham wrote about the utterly ridiculous amount of leaflets Clapham residents have to fight their way through to get out of the door in the morning. Now this site is getting thousands of visitors from Clapham a week we think it’s time to take action! This abuse of people’s houses must STOP. Continue reading

Clapper of the Week: Clapham Common ice snorkel

Clapham Common ice snorkel

Yes, you’re right. That is the most amazing picture you have ever seen in your life. As if a man in a wet suit breaking through the ice of a Clapham Common pond wasn’t brilliant enough, a goose decided to honk along and make the picture approximately 1 MILLION TIMES more amazing. Taken on Clapham Common in the winter, John Forbath who runs the Big Squid Dive Centre, donned his wetsuit, cracked open the ice and had a little paddle. Bonkers! This can definitely be filed under ‘don’t try this at home kids’ and ‘only for experts’. John Forbath is one of the nominees for our Clapper of the Year award in the Clapham Awards 2009. More photos in the rest of the post. Continue reading

Clapper of the Week: Clapham Common Polo competitors

Toast Festival 2009 polo competition Clapham Common

This week’s Clapper is going like the clappers. Believe it or not, these stunning photos are from Clapham Common at the Toast Festival 2009 polo competition, the festival’s main highlight. From the first day, you can see South Africa vs Great Britain in the above picture. Great Britain won 7:6. Thanks to Eddie Clarke, who runs the Clapham Omnibus blog, for sending these in, see a selection of photos including the Umhlathuzi welcome singers in the rest of this post. Continue reading

Twitter Tweet Cookoff

Twitter cook off

Now for something totally random! BBC journalist, Maggie Philbin, and her sister Nickie are organising June’s Twitter Tweet Cookoff. What the tweet is that you ask? Well, each month a challenge is set for Twitter users to bake and post their photos of a certain dessert. Entries are then judged by the previous winner and local Clapham celebrity chef, Adam Byatt of Trinity London. June’s dessert is a “summer tart” and entries have to be in by Midday tomorrow, so get cooking! Last month’s winner, chosen by Nickie and Adam, was local Clapper, Edward Clarke – can Clapham claim the crown twice in a row?! Read on for further details. Continue reading

Clapper of the Week: holy flying Clapham picnic blankets Batman

Clapham Clapper Fred Calditz

Local resident, Fred Calditz, tries to prove to the world he can fly with this hot pink picnic blanket this week on Clapham Common. We won’t comment on the colour of the blanket but we’ve all seen the kites on Clapham Common and Love Clapham has definitely seen someone being lifted off the ground by one – careful Fred, you don’t want to end up being blown into Cock Pond! Thanks again to Andy Pronger for this photo and if you have a pic of some Clapper antics going on, email them to us and get your friends up here on Love Clapham.

Clapper of the week: daytime disco

Clapham Clapper Windmill-dancer

So there we were, outside the Windmill pub on Clapham Common relatively early in the evening of Saturday. The sun was blazing, people were sun bathing. Then we noticed the Windmill pub had extended part of its garden into an outdoor clubbing mecha! The above lady was getting her groove on quite seriously by herself in this new area. She and her ‘male friend’ then went on to cause a fair amount of mischief…

Clapham Junction has police injection

Clapham Junction Platform

Awesome news for Clappers today as blonde bombshell Boris Johnson announced an influx of security in the form of a new police force in Clapham Junction. The nine person strong team will patrol the Clapham Junction area and its public transport. This is very welcome news for Love Clapham because not only are more Bobbies on the Beat a visible sign of reassurance, the size of the team means there’s some serious policing business to be had. Wrong doers begone! On a related note, the Clapham Town Safer Neighbourhoods Team has been in touch to say that “if anyone wants to speak to us in confidence regarding any criminal activities etc, just give us a call on the team number: 0208 721 2825.”

Clapper of the week

Clapham Common Clapper

It’s a double Clapper this week that helps show why Clapham is so amazing. The sun comes out and everyone heads to Clapham Common to start sunning their ankles. While the lady with her feet in the air is making a good attempt at Clapper of the week, the real prize has to go to the lady in the background who we spotted performing a range of very controlled stretches bordering on acrobatics. From head stands to raising her body up on its side using only her hands, she proved that Clapham is all about fun in the sun.