Clapham Junction has police injection

Clapham Junction Platform

Awesome news for Clappers today as blonde bombshell Boris Johnson announced an influx of security in the form of a new police force in Clapham Junction. The nine person strong team will patrol the Clapham Junction area and its public transport. This is very welcome news for Love Clapham because not only are more Bobbies on the Beat a visible sign of reassurance, the size of the team means there’s some serious policing business to be had. Wrong doers begone! On a related note, the Clapham Town Safer Neighbourhoods Team has been in touch to say that “if anyone wants to speak to us in confidence regarding any criminal activities etc, just give us a call on the team number: 0208 721 2825.”

Young Lambeth

Young Lambeth Campaign

Young people in Lambeth are asking local residents to reconsider their opinions of kids and teens in the area. Apparently fewer than 3% of young people get involved in offenses and actually, there are groups of local young people wanting to help the Lambeth area including a Youth Council. There’s more information about the campaign and tonnes of other resources on the Young Lambeth website. Loving the posters.

Election fever sweeps Clapham. (Woo!)

Clapham Poll Card

If you’re anything like Love Clapham, elections can seem like a whole load of gobbledygook that only serious people take part in. No more! A year or so ago Love Clapham got serious about having a say in where our tax is spent and we’re going to help steer you through the upcoming European election in plain English.  Continue reading

Taxi touts in Clapham

Clapham taxi touts

Today Love Clapham HQ received a handy little leaflet updating us on the activities of the Clapham Town police force. Love Clapham has a particularly good view of the Clapham police force after they came to our aid on a couple of occasions in the past. In their leaflet the Clapham police highlight the priority to reduce anti-social behaviour in key areas of Clapham and the need to avoid illegal taxi touts. Continue reading

Plans for hotel near Asda in Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction hotel plans

It seems like all we’re doing at the moment is telling you about Clapham building developments, but they’re just so darn interesting! This time, it’s plans to replace an old office block  with a state of the art hotel with restaurant. Sounds like a good plan. Continue reading

Swine Flu closing in on Clapham

Swine flu Clapham

Despite the sensationalist headline and the truth behind it, there isn’t as much to be concerned about as the press are making us believe just yet. Although it is true that the piggy germs are getting closer with a few children from Dolphin School in Battersea being tested positive for Swine Flu on top of a few other cases in neighbouring areas like Dulwich. Continue reading

Do you run a business in Clapham?

Clapham local business

If you do, you should have already or shortly will receive a small leaflet explaining how Love Clapham can help you. This site is run by local residents and we want to support our local shops, cafes, bars and restaurants as much as possible. To do that, we want to start compiling all local special offers in our Clapham Offers forum. Continue reading

Clapham High Street Woolworths becomes Boots

Woolworths Boots Clapham High Street

Love Clapham thought it was a real shame the day Woolworths packed up shop and left Clapham High Street. It was always going to be a battle of the big brands to take over the prime location and the one that won was Boots. Quite exciting news to have such a well known and successful High Street name. With Superdrug and a couple of independent chemists, Clappers are going to be spoilt for beauty products. Boots opens in June.

Clapham Common Guide

Summer in Clapham

Clapham Common is a vast park that is a haven during the summer months and a breath of fresh air for a stroll in winter. It’s one of the best public parks in London and it’s one of the most appealing reasons to visit or live in Clapham. This Clapham Common guide explains everything you need to have a great day out on the common. Continue reading

Clapper of the week

Clapham Common Clapper

It’s a double Clapper this week that helps show why Clapham is so amazing. The sun comes out and everyone heads to Clapham Common to start sunning their ankles. While the lady with her feet in the air is making a good attempt at Clapper of the week, the real prize has to go to the lady in the background who we spotted performing a range of very controlled stretches bordering on acrobatics. From head stands to raising her body up on its side using only her hands, she proved that Clapham is all about fun in the sun.