Clapham Markets

The Clapham area is now completely spoilt for choice when it comes to markets. From posh nosh to fresh flowers, we Clappers have it all. Given the number of chain supermarkets and restaurants in the area, it’s no wonder the Clapham markets are increasingly popular with local residents. We want choice dammit! With three markets in the direct vicinity and others close by, there really is no excuse to shop local and benefit from better quality. Continue reading

Clapham Junction Riots

Monday 8th of August 2011 will be the day all local residents remember wanton violence coming to our much loved streets. Worst hit was the Clapham Junction area around Lavender Hill caught in its early throes in the below video.

Of course, the most familiar image to us all is now the gutted Party Superstore – which Love Clapham has frequented for many a fancy dress party – ablaze.

Other shops were smashed, looted and destroyed in a disgusting abuse of our local area. Clapham High Street was largely unaffected, although Blockbuster near Clapham North has had its windows smashed, and property destroyed and stolen. Love Clapham witnessed a gang of 20 or so hooded youths lurking behind KFC at around 11pm – they may have been entirely innocent, but last night was not the night to be hanging around in gangs.

Riot police eventually turn up en masse captured in this resident’s video:

No one involved had any intentions of delivering a political of social message, they just wanted to enjoy themselves by destroying people’s livelihoods. It was disturbing to watch on television, and terrifying for some of our residents stuck in the thick of the violence. Personally, the worst image for me was that of the young girls in the attack laughing at their friends tearing a TV off the wall in Ladbrokes. Such a depressingly pathetic display of ignorance and stupidity.

But the local community has come together in a tear jerking response as residents supported those affected today with broom in hand to clean up. Something to be proud of. Take care Clappers.

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Sainsbury’s on Abbeville Road controversy

If you live in the Clapham South / Abbeville Road area you may have heard that Sainsbury’s would like to open a new local store on Abbeville Road itself amongst the local shops. It will go in the large retail space that used to be Dexters restaurant (where you could amazingly buy a full English breakfast with the works, tea, coffee and a fruit just for about £8 – no wonder it went under!) This development is proving to be fairly controversial, dividing residents right down the middle. Some want to keep the road local shops only, while others welcome the idea of an affordable local supermarket. No doubt the supermarket will get its way regardless – but what do you think? Interestingly, the even more controversial betting shop that opened on Abbeville Road has now closed, after only a couple of years of poor trade.

Big Squid Dive Centre, Clapham North

Big Squid Dive Centre Clapham NorthBig Squid is a PADI 5 star dive centre located in Clapham North Arts Centre just off Voltaire Road by Clapham High Street train station. It offers dive equipment (it’s a shop too) and dive courses run at their dive centre and at Clapham Manor baths just a 2 minute walk away.

Address: Big Squid, UNIT 2F Clapham North Arts Centre, 26-32 Voltaire Road, Clapham SW4 6DH
Phone: 020 7627 0700
Mobile: 07950 252 548
Email: Continue reading

Northcote Road Market

Globe Northcote Road market, Clapham Junction

Northcote Road market is the prime example of why the Clapham lifestyle is one of the best in London. Where else can you find super-sexy people, buy a globe, a second hand wet suit and a decent lunch? It’s a bizarre bubble of a place born out of its disproportionately young residents with disproportionately high levels of disposable income. They expect quaint and quality in uber fashionable portions. The result is a fabulous and unique market with trinkets, produce and market stall owners you’d expect to find in Harrods. This is a high class market at surprisingly reasonable prices.  Continue reading

Food and grocery shops and markets

Clapham has many supermarkets dotted around to supply residents with food, but there are also a large number of local shops and regular markets that offer unique flavours and groceries.

If you run a Clapham food shop or market that isn’t listed here, please send us an email and we will add it.

Local Clapham food shops

Recipease, Jamie Oliver shop (Clapham Junction)

Jamie Oliver shop, Clapham Junction (Recipease)

Recipease shop owned by Jamie Oliver

Recipease, the latest food venture by celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, is a shop on Clapham Junction’s main high street, St. John’s Road. It opened in late 2008 and has a beautiful interior like a giant country kitchen. Interestingly, it is a shop that doubles as a live cooking venue to practice and be shown how to cook certain dishes like curry and home made pizza. There’s a small selection of ready meals prepared to Jamie Oliver’s recipes plus wines and utensils. None of this comes cheap, but it’s expensive because of the quality, and it really shows when you look around that a great amount of detail and attention went into the shop. Continue reading

Boots on Clapham High Street opens Wednesday

Boots Clapham High Street

OK, I admit it, in the grand scheme of things this is hardly news. But in the world of Clapham High Street this is a front page headline! The Boots pharmacy store on Clapham High Street opens next Wednesday, 3rd June at 8.30am. That’s correct early birds, you can even pop in for a nose around before work if you’re that interested. Boots has obviously done its research and has stuck a massive “BEAUTY” label above the doorway to attract Clappers who like to look their best around the streets of Clapham. Continue reading

Plans for hotel near Asda in Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction hotel plans

It seems like all we’re doing at the moment is telling you about Clapham building developments, but they’re just so darn interesting! This time, it’s plans to replace an old office block  with a state of the art hotel with restaurant. Sounds like a good plan. Continue reading