Clapham Junction Riots

Monday 8th of August 2011 will be the day all local residents remember wanton violence coming to our much loved streets. Worst hit was the Clapham Junction area around Lavender Hill caught in its early throes in the below video.

Of course, the most familiar image to us all is now the gutted Party Superstore – which Love Clapham has frequented for many a fancy dress party – ablaze.

Other shops were smashed, looted and destroyed in a disgusting abuse of our local area. Clapham High Street was largely unaffected, although Blockbuster near Clapham North has had its windows smashed, and property destroyed and stolen. Love Clapham witnessed a gang of 20 or so hooded youths lurking behind KFC at around 11pm – they may have been entirely innocent, but last night was not the night to be hanging around in gangs.

Riot police eventually turn up en masse captured in this resident’s video:

No one involved had any intentions of delivering a political of social message, they just wanted to enjoy themselves by destroying people’s livelihoods. It was disturbing to watch on television, and terrifying for some of our residents stuck in the thick of the violence. Personally, the worst image for me was that of the young girls in the attack laughing at their friends tearing a TV off the wall in Ladbrokes. Such a depressingly pathetic display of ignorance and stupidity.

But the local community has come together in a tear jerking response as residents supported those affected today with broom in hand to clean up. Something to be proud of. Take care Clappers.

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Clapper of the Week: Clapham Common ice snorkel

Clapham Common ice snorkel

Yes, you’re right. That is the most amazing picture you have ever seen in your life. As if a man in a wet suit breaking through the ice of a Clapham Common pond wasn’t brilliant enough, a goose decided to honk along and make the picture approximately 1 MILLION TIMES more amazing. Taken on Clapham Common in the winter, John Forbath who runs the Big Squid Dive Centre, donned his wetsuit, cracked open the ice and had a little paddle. Bonkers! This can definitely be filed under ‘don’t try this at home kids’ and ‘only for experts’. John Forbath is one of the nominees for our Clapper of the Year award in the Clapham Awards 2009. More photos in the rest of the post. Continue reading

Two men shot in Clapham

Wandsworth Road

The London Paper is reporting that two men were shot on Wandsworth Road in Clapham. The website says a 25 year old man “was treated for his injuries at a nearby hospital. Some time later, another man arrived at a south London hospital with gunshot wounds. Both men are in a stable condition and their injuries are not thought to be life threatening.” If you have any info, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. UPDATE: @ursulafuchs corrected us to say the shooting happened on Monday night.

Clapham Picture House cinema: behind the scenes interview

Clapham Picture House cinema Mike Matthews

Two very exciting things happened to us at the same time this week. Before your imaginations run wild (they’re already running wild aren’t they?) the two things were: 1. going into a cinema projector room 2. meeting someone that has been on The Apprentice. This was accomplished by meeting Clapham Picture House manager and guest star of the 2008 Apprentice series, Mike Matthews, who took the time to speak to Love Clapham about the cinema’s history, its renaissance and its future moves into digital and 3D. Continue reading

Clapham sport clubs

Clapham sports clubs

Like sports? Live in or near Clapham? Then you really have no excuse not to get off your backside and get involved in some Clapham sports. It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Clapham has a huge common and guess what, local residents definitely make the most of it. You can walk, run, cycle and skate around it and the many local parks for free, but if you fancy a bit of group or one-on-one action, this page lists some of Clapham’s sport clubs. Clubs and teams range from football, frisbee and lacrosse all the way to canoeing. Yeah, canoeing. Believe it! Continue reading

Twittering Mayor recognised for web use

Jason Cobb and Mayor of Lambeth

Local Twitterer (is that a proper noun yet?) Jason Cobb caught up with our on and offline social networking Mayor of Lambeth for an interview that you can listen to in the rest of this post. We’ve noticed the Mayor, Christopher Wellbelove, has been using the likes of Twitter and Facebook to full effect, encouraging more and more people to interact with Lambeth Council in loads of different ways. It’s a refreshing change that we hope spreads throughout other local authorities. Continue reading

MSF Clapham Treasure Hunt

MSF Clapham Treasure Hunt

Here’s a cool thing, this month the sixth MSF Clapham Treasure Hunt takes place to help raise money for MSF, a charity that supplies medical aid around the world to people who might otherwise not receive it. It gets better because it’s held in Clapham, organised by local resident Sarah Turtle and you can support it by taking part and donating. Continue reading

Clapper of the week: Boots banjo band!

Clapham Clapper brass band with banjo Boots

It may look gloomy but it’s a lovely Saturday out there in Clapham and it’s all going off as Clappers far and wide are making the most of the weather to make Clapham feel as villagey as possible. We heard a trumpet on Clapham High Street then lo and behold, a trio were outside Boots playing catchy tunes. We aren’t 100% sure why they were there but assume it’s to celebrate the shop’s first weekend. Then, just up the road Lambeth College is holding its Sixth Form open day with cheer leaders and all sorts of funky goings on. We Love Clapham!

Clap-chat: thoughts of a Clapham website editor

Clapham North Escalator

“Why do escalators feel like they’re still moving when they’re stationary?” One of the questions whirring around my head when I got on the tube at Clapham North this morning and one I am sure I’ll find the answer to on the internet. If not, then the Clapham North ‘thought of the day’ board will probably explain soon. A month since Love Clapham went live and the amount of questions I’ve had answered about my home town is incredible, thanks to the internet and the local people that use it. Continue reading

Christopher Wellbelove, Mayor of Lambeth (part 2)

Christopher Wellbelove Lambeth Mayor Clapham Town Ward and Jack Wallington

If you’ve read Part 1 of our interview with Christopher Wellbelove, Mayor of Lambeth and councillor to the Clapham Town Ward, you’ll be familiar with his background. In part 2 he explains the importance of young people’s voices being heard, upcoming plans for Clapham and things he enjoys in his spare time. Continue reading

Christopher Wellbelove, Mayor of Lambeth (part 1)

Christopher Wellbelove Lambeth Mayor and Clapham Town Ward

This week Love Clapham met with Christopher Wellbelove, recently elected as the Mayor of Lambeth and councillor for the Clapham Town Ward since 2006. It was an enlightening and hugely enjoyable discussion about local projects, Twittering for Lambeth and Eurovision – finger on the pulse? More than you’d imagine. Continue reading