Children’s Drama Classes in Clapham

Clapham children's drama classes

Dramatical Theatre School in Clapham, between Clapham North and Wandsworth Road, has sent in some information about the children’s drama classes it now offers for 4 – 8 year olds. They say that “At Dramatical, we are dedicated to teaching drama to your child in exciting ways that help their physical and mental development, as well as their confidence.” Keep reading for full information and to contact them. Continue reading

Windmill Drive to close to cyclists and pedestrians?

Windmill Drive Clapham Common

Fantastic news in Love Clapham’s opinion, Lambeth Council is proposing the permanent closure of Windmill Drive on Clapham Common to traffic (the road that cuts across the common next to the Windmill Pub). We’ve nearly been mown down numerous times crossing this road and, highlighted by the above picture of the childrens playground, this is hardly ideal for a park that attracts thousands of families with children. Keep reading and tell us what you think. Continue reading

Big Squid Dive Centre, Clapham North

Big Squid Dive Centre Clapham NorthBig Squid is a PADI 5 star dive centre located in Clapham North Arts Centre just off Voltaire Road by Clapham High Street train station. It offers dive equipment (it’s a shop too) and dive courses run at their dive centre and at Clapham Manor baths just a 2 minute walk away.

Address: Big Squid, UNIT 2F Clapham North Arts Centre, 26-32 Voltaire Road, Clapham SW4 6DH
Phone: 020 7627 0700
Mobile: 07950 252 548
Email: Continue reading

Clapham sport clubs

Clapham sports clubs

Like sports? Live in or near Clapham? Then you really have no excuse not to get off your backside and get involved in some Clapham sports. It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Clapham has a huge common and guess what, local residents definitely make the most of it. You can walk, run, cycle and skate around it and the many local parks for free, but if you fancy a bit of group or one-on-one action, this page lists some of Clapham’s sport clubs. Clubs and teams range from football, frisbee and lacrosse all the way to canoeing. Yeah, canoeing. Believe it! Continue reading

Twittering Mayor recognised for web use

Jason Cobb and Mayor of Lambeth

Local Twitterer (is that a proper noun yet?) Jason Cobb caught up with our on and offline social networking Mayor of Lambeth for an interview that you can listen to in the rest of this post. We’ve noticed the Mayor, Christopher Wellbelove, has been using the likes of Twitter and Facebook to full effect, encouraging more and more people to interact with Lambeth Council in loads of different ways. It’s a refreshing change that we hope spreads throughout other local authorities. Continue reading

MSF Clapham Treasure Hunt

MSF Clapham Treasure Hunt

Here’s a cool thing, this month the sixth MSF Clapham Treasure Hunt takes place to help raise money for MSF, a charity that supplies medical aid around the world to people who might otherwise not receive it. It gets better because it’s held in Clapham, organised by local resident Sarah Turtle and you can support it by taking part and donating. Continue reading

Christopher Wellbelove, Mayor of Lambeth (part 1)

Christopher Wellbelove Lambeth Mayor and Clapham Town Ward

This week Love Clapham met with Christopher Wellbelove, recently elected as the Mayor of Lambeth and councillor for the Clapham Town Ward since 2006. It was an enlightening and hugely enjoyable discussion about local projects, Twittering for Lambeth and Eurovision – finger on the pulse? More than you’d imagine. Continue reading

Election fever sweeps Clapham. (Woo!)

Clapham Poll Card

If you’re anything like Love Clapham, elections can seem like a whole load of gobbledygook that only serious people take part in. No more! A year or so ago Love Clapham got serious about having a say in where our tax is spent and we’re going to help steer you through the upcoming European election in plain English.  Continue reading

Taxi touts in Clapham

Clapham taxi touts

Today Love Clapham HQ received a handy little leaflet updating us on the activities of the Clapham Town police force. Love Clapham has a particularly good view of the Clapham police force after they came to our aid on a couple of occasions in the past. In their leaflet the Clapham police highlight the priority to reduce anti-social behaviour in key areas of Clapham and the need to avoid illegal taxi touts. Continue reading