Swine Flu closing in on Clapham

Swine flu Clapham

Despite the sensationalist headline and the truth behind it, there isn’t as much to be concerned about as the press are making us believe just yet. Although it is true that the piggy germs are getting closer with a few children from Dolphin School in Battersea being tested positive for Swine Flu on top of a few other cases in neighbouring areas like Dulwich.

There is reason for cautious concern but not for panic. Sir Liam Donaldson, England’s chief medical officer, is stating that “flu viruses can change their character very rapidly as they move through populations.” So while there have been no deaths of people that have contracted the virus in the UK, it is possible that this could change. 

However, the fact remains that currently it isn’t as dangerous in the UK and for other European nations. The virus is also being contained wherever possible with vaccinations being given to people that may have come into contact almost immediately. Dolphin School being a prime example with lots of little piggies going wee wee wee all the way home for a week or so.

The advice at the moment is to be aware and avoid contact with someone that has, or may have, Swine Flu but also remain calm. For more information follow the below links:

  • NHS Direct – for a comprehensive and factual guide to Swine Flu. If you read one article about Swine Flu, read this one.
  • BBC News – sensationalist, if interesting, article with map of confirmed cases so far.

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