Stop Clapham’s junk mail flood

Junk mail in Clapham, London

Love Clapham probably loves Clapham more than most, but there’s one thing about Clapham we hate: junk mail. The above picture shows one week’s worth of junk mail in Love Clapham HQ near Clapham North. There are 39 items of junk mail and this amount arrives every single week, that’s around 2,000 items every year that simply don’t get read because of the sheer volume.

There are some measures you can take to help prevent receiving this, such as going to the Mail Preference Service website and making sure you are removed from mailing lists. The real problem however, is not posted junk, but local flyers, menus, magazines and business cards. To stop these, you can place a “no junk mail” sticker on your letter box as a starting point.

This is all well and good, except if you do Love Clapham, you probably do want to receive useful information and takeaway menus from local businesses, not stop it completely. So, here at Love Clapham we would like to ask local businesses to be more controlled in the way they handle their advertising. Particularly the companies responsible for distributing it all.

If local businesses can sort this problem out, it will be better for them because messages won’t get drowned under a flood of paper and residents won’t get annoyed. Get in touch if you feel the same way.

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