Six live bus stations in our Old Town?!

MP Kate Hoey and a small group of residents are vigorously lobbying TfL bosses for a LIVE bus station in the square in the heart of Clapham Old Town. This scheme will involve up to six live bus stands with platforms, shelters, signage and commercial lighting, taking up the majority of the square and leaving the Old Town Square open to development as a transport hub. Save Clapham Old Town has set up a site and Facebook page in an effort to try and stop these plans going ahead, by making Clapham residents aware of how it will change the area and asking people to sign their petition.

They are very supportive of the overall Regeneration Project that will widen pavements, slow traffic, improve crossings and  generally better public spaces, however they are against the plans to put 6 live bus stands in the square. Please have a look at the plans and let us know what you think.

4 thoughts on “Six live bus stations in our Old Town?!

  1. Why on earth would anybody want this? Especially residents of the polygon. I haven’t seen any information on the MP’s website but I think it’s a dreadful idea and hope it doesn’t go ahead. The high street is already congested and dirty, old town is an essential oasis from this.

  2. Yes apparently Kate Hoey and a group called Save Clapham Common Group (not Save Clapham Old Town)have been lobbying Transport for London for the bus stands to remain in the old town rather than being moved elsewhere. I think Claphamites should unite to have the Old Town regenerated as with the original plan, keep some dead bus stands but re-introduce the public piazza as was originally planned. That sort of regeneration has done wonders for Brixton, why should it be scuppered by a few residents. If people think Clapham High street is dirty, Clapham Old Town has been defaced by keeping a lightly used bus terminus in what would have been a lovely town square.

  3. Absolutely insane! The original idea was brilliant, especially as it was conceived as phase 2 of the regeneration after Venn Street. Venn Street has been such an outstanding success, I’m sure the Old Town Square idea would be just as wonderful, especially with all the restaurants and pubs and shops surrounding it. We really don’t need a massive, intrusive bus station.

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