Sainsbury’s on Abbeville Road controversy

If you live in the Clapham South / Abbeville Road area you may have heard that Sainsbury’s would like to open a new local store on Abbeville Road itself amongst the local shops. It will go in the large retail space that used to be Dexters restaurant (where you could amazingly buy a full English breakfast with the works, tea, coffee and a fruit just for about £8 – no wonder it went under!) This development is proving to be fairly controversial, dividing residents right down the middle. Some want to keep the road local shops only, while others welcome the idea of an affordable local supermarket. No doubt the supermarket will get its way regardless – but what do you think? Interestingly, the even more controversial betting shop that opened on Abbeville Road has now closed, after only a couple of years of poor trade.

18 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s on Abbeville Road controversy

  1. Terrible idea as far as I’m concerned. There’s already a Sainsbury’s 10 mins’ walk on either direction. It’ll just kill the cornershops, bakeries & delis. To those arguing its convenience (if they can’t be bothered to walk for 10 mins to another Sainsbury’s or Tesco), it will be nice and convenient in a few years when you can go to any street in any city (in any country) and get exactly the same stuff from exactly the same shops. But if you want that level of reassuring consistency there are many fine retirement homes available that will cater just as well until then, and without having to walk anywhere at all. Until they’re all converted into supermarkets of course.

  2. I’m pretty relaxed about it, sure you won’t get the same service as local stalwarts Treohans but I always find that service is staring at you like you’re a criminal every second you’re in the shop.
    I really can’t see it impacting the deli and bakery – the target audiences are too different, the funny thing is if it was a Waitrose opening none of the yummy mummies would bat an eyelid.
    Personally having a free cashpoint on the street will make me more likely to use local shops.

  3. In many ways I agree with Spaz’s comment, if it was a Waitrose or M&S it would be welcomed with open arms by status consicous Abeville residents. However, Sainsbury’s is still up market and is not Tesco, what if it had been a mini ASDA or Morrisons or a Tesco Express would that mark Abbeville’s decline into commonness?
    Personally i think there are enough Sainsbury’s in Clapham (4 already).

  4. I think it’s a good thing. The local shops are a total rip-off and not that good. If they were better, Sainsbury’s wouldn’t be trying to open there. It’s always handy having a local supermarket

  5. Personally I’m against it. I don’t think a Sainsbury’s Local will do anything for the village character and will definitely put undue pressure on small local businesses who are probably already struggling to survive. Let’s face it, Sainsbury’s wouldn’t be going there if they didn’t think they could take a large portion of business away from local shops….some of which I have no doubt will close as a result.
    Sure, if we have to have a big chain supermarket moving in, a Waitrose or M&S would be preferred, with 2 Sainsbury’s, and a Tesco’s within 10 mins walk who wouldn’t want a bit of variety, and if a 10 minute walk is too much to ask, Sainsbury’s (amongst others) will deliver to your door.
    That said I think it is a foregone conclusion, and it could be worse…it could be a Tesco’s Local moving in or worse still left vacant for years, broken into, vandalised etc none of which will be good for the local area.

  6. I am personally against this development. We have plenty of shops to provide us with our everyday items. Tescos, Sainsbury’s, M&S are all a 5/10 minute walk so why do we need yet another supermarket right on our doorstep?!?!
    Abbeville Road has a village feel about it and this will be ruined with a high street supermarket. It’s a real shame and I for one will NOT be using the supermarket. I would prefer to support our local shops. As Peter says have your food delivered to your door if you really need to.
    Residents should support our local shops and we should continue to keep Abbeville Road as it is.

  7. But why should we support the local shops when they’re rubbish? I like some of them, but Trehoans etc are the pits.

  8. Sainsbury’s could reverse the steady decline Abbeville Road has experienced for years. The Road just does nopt attract enough shoppers. There are numerous empty shops to let now. Sainsburys might help draw a few shoppers in.

    Trehoans is very poor selling food past its sell by date at high prices. They will no doubt suffer but thats competition for you. Most other shops should benefit. I live on Abbeville Road and positively support their arrival.

  9. Well firstly Abbeville road is not a village. This was invented by the yuppies to make there dull road sound a bit better. Sainsburys will bring down the overpriced rip off shops on Abbeville road and I really hope it does well. I for one like the idea of getting fair priced fresh in date items closer than ever before. I was here before the yuppies arrived and have seen the Abbeville road shops turn into Robbery for snobbery. Good bye come on Sainsburys

  10. With a Sainsburys local at Clapham South tube and a variety of other supermarkets nearby, I would not support this site becoming another chain supermarket. We rather need a good pharmacy on the road!

  11. I agree with Mary, think its a great idea. The local shops are a rip off, and the other sainsburys are a little out there way to get local shopping. You have Starbucks and Pizza Express so I dont think there is problem with sainsbury.

  12. It seems to escape me why people are so opposed to Sainburys opening, arguing that the mass enterprise such as Sainburys should be kept out of Abbeville. Wake up, it’s already entrenched and here to stay with the likes of Pizza Express and Starbucks now on our doorstep the time to complain has surpassed. And get over your selfs, the area is called Abbeville Road, not Abbeville Village! Just think your selfs lucky it’s not a McDonalds or Job centre, there is enough social housing around to justify there existence. 

  13. The fact of the matter is not about snobbery or robbery rather think that if the giant corporates continue to rule the world they will effectively destroy choice and control of individuals – they will dictate what you eat and how this is produced (usually as cheaply as possible for maximum profits) all at the purchasers expense…… you get what you pay for (except in the case of treohans it would seem…..) you are what you eat. Speaking of snobbery anybody who is deluded into thinking that Sainsbury’s produce anything better than Asda is very sad ……………..

  14. I’m pretty pleased about this, although I am usually opposed to the domination of corporates. Apart from some exceptions (Fromagerie and Wine Shop I know for sure), most of the shopkeepers who will be affected have nothing to complain about. If they bothered to say please and thank you, or even get off the phone when they are serving me, then maybe I would think differently. It’s arrogant to expect people to pay more when you can’t even be bothered to finish a phone call or conversation with your colleague – I am sick to death of being treated like an inconvenience when I go in. Hopefully Sainsbury’s will have a free cash point or do cash back and not charge 50p to use a card too

  15. The local businesses who pay attention to their customers, and who offer a genuinely friendly and welcoming service will surely stay above the water. I live on the west end of abbeville and have stayed away from all of the ‘local’ grocers for many reasons; overpricing, inferior quality goods, rude shopkeepers always on the phone, ‘fresh’ produce sat outside wilting. I agree completely with hambalt rd on this one, you wouldn’t get sainsbury’s staff on their phones or shouting with their colleagues, so when the supermarket opens I won’t hesitate to pass those shops by.
    If anything, I’d feel encouraged to pop into the other shops (the fromagerie and bakery etc) on my way to and from the new sainsbury’s.
    The absence of a sainsbury’s wasn’t what was keeping me away from the local grocers, it was the local grocers themselves.

  16. Given the presence of Starbucks, Pizza Express, Pizza Hut Delivery, Wine Rack, Cafe Rouge(?) and Coral, I can’t see how another corporate brand name vendor is going to ruin the supposed ‘village feel’ of the road. As mentioned by a previous poster, there are surely quite a few other chain establishments that would be far less desirable. The only sole trader businesses that stand to lose out from the addition of Sainsbury’s are the grocers. While I would be sorry to see the one next to Shimmers suffer, I won’t be sorry to see Treohans taught a lesson in customer service by a supermarket. Whenever I forget something during my main shop I sigh at the thought of having to go to Treohans and support their business. While their sometimes unbelievable overpricing of produce is probably driven by market conditions, there is no excuse for unsubtly stalking me round the shop like I’m a petty thief. You’ve seen me enough; perhaps it’s time to trust that I will buy rather than steal from you. You could even hang up the phone while serving me or return my (admittedly not genuine) friendly greeting rather than fixing me with a blank stare as if you wish I hadn’t disturbed your busy day sitting expressionless by the door. I know it’s a family business and it’s unlikely you’ve had training in customer service but surely you’ve been to other shops before and noticed how different normal service is? I’ve lived on Elms Road for 4 years and every time I have been into Treohans the exact same thing has happened. I’m looking forward to having a sensibly priced, affordable minimart with polite staff nearby. The presence of Sainsbury’s can only cause footfall through the street to increase which is surely also good news for all the other boutique shops (but perhaps not for the ‘villagers’).

  17. I welcome the Sainsburys, this a long time coming I have lived here for over 47 yrs and have seen a lot of changes. we had sensible shops back then like : bakery, chemist, 2x butchers, fruit & veg grocery, co-op, wet fish shop, toy shop , record shop,
    bike shop. Then you have all these new residents that think they know it all with their new fancy shops ie Coffee shops! how many do we need and the stupid letting & estate agents how foolish of them they don’t even have an ounce of common sense to see what the area needs. further more we really need mor shops like Sainsburys in Abbeville road and I would welcome more shops like it
    the local Treoahans are too pricey and they are not convenient as they close from 8.30pm – what do we have left – Nothing.
    The good thing is Sainsbury is open from 07.03 – 11.00pm now that what you call meetign the residents needs. Good on you Sainsburys for being so persistent as you know what Abbeville road needs. All the best

  18. I wholly welcome Sainsburys. It’s a lot more useful than most of the other shops on the street, which are either estate agents or prissy gift shops with obscenely priced knick-knacks for yummy mummies with more pence than sense.

    People who don’t like Sainsburys of course don’t have to shop there, they can continue to pay more at Treohans!

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