Mama Lan by Clapham Common


Hot tip Clappers: Mama Lan is a new Beijing street food micro restaurant which sprang out of the super cool Brixton Village. You heard it here first, Clapham is as cool as Brixton. Official.

Mama Lan is unique and deeeelish. I’ve been twice in one week opting for the tofu strip noodles and one of the teas. We also tried some of the sides, which were gorgeous – especially the pork buns. The best bit is that it isn’t too expensive and portions are big, so you get value for money. Actually, that isn’t the best bit, the best bit is that they serve tea in pots. Love Clapham is a fan of loose tea in pots.

The decor is cool and the atmosphere chilled. It is small though, with only a handful of tables, so choose your times wisely. It’s by Waitrose 😉


The Breakfast Club on Battersea Rise

It was with great excitement that The Breakfast Club opened on Battersea Rise, Clapham Common west side. Anyone who’s visited the Hoxton or Soho branches will know to expect – as the name makes obvious – all variety of breakfasts. The quantity is vast, from the selection to the size of portions.

Unfortunately, quantity is definitely the name of the game here. Quality is lacking. If you’re after large platefuls of stodge, this is your best bet. It’s not awful but the quality of breakfasts and brunch on offer in ClaHa and surrounding areas far exceeds The Breakfast Club right now. A simple black coffee was noticeably ‘not great’. Sausages and bacon underdone (ie cooked but not crispy).

I’d recommend alternatives like Brew, Rapscallion, Fantasia, Abbeville Kitchen, Gastro, Breads Etcetera to name a few. They’re cheaper and higher quality.

Having been to The Breakfast Club in Clapham twice now, I can’t say I’ll go back anytime soon. Hopefully it’s just teething problems and concentrating on quality rather than quantity will help this new branch live up to its name.


Edit: sorry, we’d said originally Breakfast Club was on Lavender Hill when of course it’s on Battersea Rise. Doh!

Clapham Common Firework Display 2012

Cor blimey geeza mate. Just been perusing the Lambeth Council website and it looks like the Clapham Common Fireworks Display is a no show this year 🙁 At least, at this point in time, Lambeth Council’s events calendar lists only Streatham Common and Brockwell Park firework displays.

Last year Love Clapham went to a roof just outside the Battersea Park firework display. Yep, always looking for a freebie. It was good but it wasn’t Clapham.

We’ll find out more in case it is on, stay tuned Clappers. We’re going undercover to investigate this tragic turn of events for you. Because we love you.

Introducing InstaClap

Did you see what we did there Clappers? Instagram + Clapham = InstaClap. Yes! It’s our all singing, all dancing, all clapping live feed of Clapham Instagram photos direct from YOU. If you tag an Instagram pic with #Clapham, it will instantly appear on LoveClapham’s InstaClap feed. Hashtag awesome. Go to the InstaClap feed now and start adding your own photos. We’re already hooked on the latest things going on right now…

One Weekend in Clapham

Let’s collectively show the world what Clapham is all about Clappers! Tweet your photos to us this weekend and we’ll add them below. Keep checking back for more!

Huge Pop Stars on our Common? … or maybe not

If you were passing by Clapham Common yesterday, you may have noticed Katy Perry and Rihanna enjoying a rather civilized British picnic together! However… on slightly closer inspection, it appears that the two girls were infact lookalikes posing for the Breast Cancer Care’s summer campaign – Strawberry Tea.  Photographs of the pair soaking up the sunshine, catching the tube and hitching a ride in a black cab were all snapped by celebrity lookalike photographer Alison Jackson, who’s famous for her spoof images of people such as Wayne Rooney, Borris Johnson and The Royal Family. Pictures will be used to promote the Breast Cancer Care’s Strawberry Tea campaign, running from June 1 to August 31.

Clapham Markets

The Clapham area is now completely spoilt for choice when it comes to markets. From posh nosh to fresh flowers, we Clappers have it all. Given the number of chain supermarkets and restaurants in the area, it’s no wonder the Clapham markets are increasingly popular with local residents. We want choice dammit! With three markets in the direct vicinity and others close by, there really is no excuse to shop local and benefit from better quality. Continue reading

Prickly Pests!

The sun is blazing and we all know where we’re heading this weekend – THE COMMON!! However there are some rather unwelcomed visitors who have made parks and commons in South London their home. The Forestry Commission last week warned people not to touch caterpillars emerging from Oak trees that have formed their homes across Lambeth, Wandsworth, Southwark and other surrounding areas. These caterpillars are a new arrival in the UK from the continent and are considered a health hazard, due to their tiny toxic hairs that can cause skin irritation, rashes and in some cases trigger asthma attacks. Alison Field of the Forestry Commission said “The public should not try to remove the caterpillars or nests themselves. This task is best done by specifically trained and equipped operators.” So whilst you’re soaking up the rays this weekend and admiring Clapham at its best, steer clear of these little terrors and make sure children and pets are kept well away too. The Forestry Commission are keen to hear from anyone who comes across any caterpillar nests and are contactable via this link.

Clapham Common Fayre 2012

Here’s a date for your diary Clappers, the Clapham Common Fayre 2012. Every year the Holy Trinity Church on Clapham Common is transformed into a hub of community with local produce and entertainment. Last year there were even donkeys! It’s great fun and we highly recommend you make time for it on Saturday 16th June from 11.00am. The church itself is such an important local landmark, it really is fab that the fayre is run each year.

The Running School

On receiving an email invitation for a session with The Running School in Battersea, I was intrigued at the concept, so accepted and booked myself in for a Saturday afternoon slot. I must admit I was slightly sceptical, wondering what I could be taught about a skill most of us acquire from a very young age. My session trainer Amy has an impressive CV, having qualified in Physiotherapy she’s worked within the NHS, Ministry of Defence and with the GB Paralympic Cycling Team – so I was definitely in safe and experienced hands! After a chat about my overall health, physical activity and running experience, I was straight on the treadmill. Amy filmed me running at a steady pace from behind and from the side (this is the point where I decided choosing to wear lycra was a bad idea!). Then it got technical – time for my Biomechanical Movement Assessment  during which we watched the video 2 clips of me running and I was assessed looking at everything, from posture, to leg circling, gait and technique. It’s definitely an eye opener and oddities in my running style were highlighted which I wasn’t aware of at all. Amy gave me some tips there and then and suggested that to improve speed and running style I take a further few sessions. The Running School welcomes all levels of runners from either end of the ability and experience scale. So if you’re a beginner or a marathon runner and you want to improve you’re running I would recommend dropping them a line.

The Big Lunch

Amazingly ‘Jubilee Day’ is only just over six weeks away and whilst many of you are already well on the way to planning your street parties, some of you maybe at a slight loose end over the bank holiday weekend. LoveClapham was perusing the web in search exciting ideas to make our own party go off with a bang, when we came across The Big Lunch – so thought we’d share. It’s a very simple idea generated from the Eden Project, encouraging as many people as possible across the UK to have lunch, ‘fun and games’ with their neighbours. This can be anything from a small BBQ and a few quiet drinks in the garden to a full blown street party extravaganza! With support from TV and radio celebrities, people all over the country have really taken to the idea planning all sorts of exciting events, taking inspiration from previous Big Lunches. Over 10 MILLION people came out to celebrate the Silver Jubilee in 1977 so The Big Lunch are encouraging people to get in the patriotic spirit and get as many people out again this summer. Clappers – we know you love a good street party so why not have a think about requesting their free guide! Happy luncheon-ing!