Clap-chat: thoughts of a Clapham website editor

Clapham North Escalator

“Why do escalators feel like they’re still moving when they’re stationary?” One of the questions whirring around my head when I got on the tube at Clapham North this morning and one I am sure I’ll find the answer to on the internet. If not, then the Clapham North ‘thought of the day’ board will probably explain soon. A month since Love Clapham went live and the amount of questions I’ve had answered about my home town is incredible, thanks to the internet and the local people that use it. Continue reading

Boots on Clapham High Street opens Wednesday

Boots Clapham High Street

OK, I admit it, in the grand scheme of things this is hardly news. But in the world of Clapham High Street this is a front page headline! The Boots pharmacy store on Clapham High Street opens next Wednesday, 3rd June at 8.30am. That’s correct early birds, you can even pop in for a nose around before work if you’re that interested. Boots has obviously done its research and has stuck a massive “BEAUTY” label above the doorway to attract Clappers who like to look their best around the streets of Clapham. Continue reading

Clapper of the week: daytime disco

Clapham Clapper Windmill-dancer

So there we were, outside the Windmill pub on Clapham Common relatively early in the evening of Saturday. The sun was blazing, people were sun bathing. Then we noticed the Windmill pub had extended part of its garden into an outdoor clubbing mecha! The above lady was getting her groove on quite seriously by herself in this new area. She and her ‘male friend’ then went on to cause a fair amount of mischief…

Clapham Picture House: Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me To Hell

Exciting week in film land Clappers, we have a new horror film called Drag Me To Hell from Sam Raimi of Xena: Warrior Princes, Evil Dead and Spiderman director fame. The trailer features an evil old woman with staples in her head and it’s had great reviews. What more could you ask for?! The new Terminator Salvation film staring Christian Bale (Machinist, Dark Knight) is previewing at the Clapham Picture House too. Full cinema listings below. Continue reading

Review: Clapham’s Top 5 breakfasts

Clapham fried breakfast

You may have gathered that here at Love Clapham, we love our breakfasts. With such a variety of cafes and restaurants in Clapham offering full English breakfasts, pancakes, muffins and more, Claphamites are certainly spoilt for choice – no wonder we’re breakfast obsessed! Of course, there are also some breakfast bloopers out there, so to help sift through the barrage of bacon we’ve listed our current Top 5 favourite breakfast cafes in Clapham. Which is your favourite? Continue reading

Clapham restaurants and cafes

Clapham is rammed with restaurants and cafes of all shapes, sizes, prices and tastes. Whether you want a hearty traditional roast, oriental cuisine, fine dining, fast food or a delicious breakfast, Clapham has something for you. 

If you run a Clapham restaurant or cafe that isn’t listed here, please send us an email and we will add it.


Brasserie James – fine dining and excellent service  (100m from Clapham South tube)

The Blind Tiger – great 1920′s prohibition era themed restaurant, extensive wine and  cocktails list (Near Queenstown Road)

Bon Bon – fresh and organic breakfasts, lunches and dinners (Abbeville Road, Clapham South)

Breads Etcetera – organic traditional and contemporary cuisine, famous for toasters on tables, special breakfasts and of course its bread (Clapham High Street)

Souk – oriental tapas, good cocktail list (Clapham High Street)


The Black Lab - brilliant coffee and amazing french pastries (opposite the Common, stones throw from Clapham Common tube

Park House - breakfasts, lunches and dinners (Clapham Park Road, near Clapham Common tube)

Brew - healthy & hearty breakfasts, good smoothies and outside seating area (Northcote Road nr Clapham Junction)

Perfect Blend cafe, Clapham, London

[field name=street-view]Perfect Blend cafe is a relatively new addition to Clapham and is tucked away between Clapham High Street and Abbeville Road. Don’t let its location stop you from going, it has great decor, a good selection of food and chilled out atmosphere that set it apart from the busier parts of Clapham.
Continue reading

Bon Bon restaurant, Abbeville Road, Clapham, London

[field name=street-view]

Bon Bon is a good sized restaurant on a corner in the heart of the Abbeville Village. It serves fresh food and drink throughout the week and has a small seating area out the front for use on those sunny summer days. Continue reading

Boiled Egg & Soliders, Northcote Road, Clapham Junction, London

[field name=street-view]

The Boiled Egg & Soliders, as the name would suggest, specialises in delicious breakfasts. With a good range of different meals and its handy location on Northcote Road makes it the perfect pit stop when you’re peckish on a weekend morning. Continue reading

Breads Etcetera restaurant, Clapham High Street, London

[field name=street-view]
Breads Etcetera restaurant made breakfasts in Clapham super fashionable. Breads Etcetera bakes its own range of delicious bread that it serves in ready supply to anyone who eats there. With toasters on the tables, it’s a quirky venue with fantastic food, but go early, you can’t book and the queue always spills out on to the street. Continue reading

10 Clapham facts you didn’t know

Clapham Common picnic

Clapham isn’t just a great place to live, when you’re sitting on Clapham Common you sit on ground steeped in history. We’ve listed ten of the most interesting facts about Clapham that we’ve come across. If you live in Clapham you may have heard of some of these facts, but hopefully it’s still an interesting look into the area’s past. Help Love Clapham take this list up to a mighty fifteen by adding them at the foot of the page. Continue reading