Clapham Cinema: The Hangover

Clapham cinema The Hangover

Last week Love Clapham went to watch Terminator Salvation which, while we’re glad to have watched for its special effects, was cheesy beyond belief! It also felt, at least to us, like the story was pretty poorly put together. So, from a cheesefest let down to a film that looks hilariously funny from the trailers: The Hangover. The Hangover is a comedy with the three main characters waking up after the stag do from hell only to be so hungover that they are totally oblivious to the predicaments they find themselves in. Empire Online gave it 4/5 and while that is the same score they gave Terminator Salvation we remain optimistic. Full Clapham Picture House listings can be found in the rest of this post. Continue reading

Clapham housing rental and buying guide

Clapham London housing and accommodation

This page has information about housing and accommodation in Clapham for renters and buyers, direct from people who have already rented or bought here in the past. Whether you need to know about Clapham’s Council Tax, the best places to find somewhere to rent or buy or simply the nicest areas, we’ve got it covered. Continue reading

Clapham on film!

Clapham BBQ

Ladies and gentlemen, it gives us great pleasure to unveil our all new Clapham Pictures gallery. You may have noticed that here at Love Clapham HQ we love our pictures. This may have a lot to do with the fact we just got a new camera but it’s also because, even online, pictures speak a thousand words (or four wise words in the above picture… no one died). Everytime we take a new picture you can view it in full in the gallery. Plus, you can email us your own pictures and we’ll upload them to the gallery giving you full credit. Pretty as a picture.

Clapper of the week: Boots banjo band!

Clapham Clapper brass band with banjo Boots

It may look gloomy but it’s a lovely Saturday out there in Clapham and it’s all going off as Clappers far and wide are making the most of the weather to make Clapham feel as villagey as possible. We heard a trumpet on Clapham High Street then lo and behold, a trio were outside Boots playing catchy tunes. We aren’t 100% sure why they were there but assume it’s to celebrate the shop’s first weekend. Then, just up the road Lambeth College is holding its Sixth Form open day with cheer leaders and all sorts of funky goings on. We Love Clapham!

Weekend watch: all systems go for Lambeth College, Clapham

Clapham Common Lambeth College

You know that swanky new wood and brick building opposite the Windmill Pub on Clapham Common? Well that, dear reader, is the newly built Clapham part of Lambeth College to house the sixth formers in September. Colleges have come a long way since our day and all the better for it, it’s a fantastic modern building and very in keeping with the tone of modern Clapham. If you’re interested in the courses – or your children are – head down there this Saturday for the open day. Continue reading

Clapham Cinema: Terminator Salvation now showing

Clapham cinema Terminator Salvation

Christian Bale is the lead in yet another movie franchise revival in Terminator Salvation, which opened fully at the Clapham Picture House this week. I’ve had mixed reports with Empire Online giving it 4/5 but my friends saying it’s a tragic cheesefest. Who to believe? None of ’em! Either way, I’m well up for a bit of CGI Terminator shindiggery so cut me off a piece of that… robot… thing. Full listings after the break. Continue reading

Clapham events in June

People having a picnic on Clapham Common

Most of June, if the weather holds out, will no doubt be spent with friends on Clapham Common. Hold your horses though, because there are a growing number of events coming up that should catch your interest. Events include the open day at the new sixth form college, the Clapham Street Party, the big Clapham Common festivals and an open evening to learn more about Lambeth’s Green Communities scheme. Visit our Clapham events page for more info and links.

Food and grocery shops and markets

Clapham has many supermarkets dotted around to supply residents with food, but there are also a large number of local shops and regular markets that offer unique flavours and groceries.

If you run a Clapham food shop or market that isn’t listed here, please send us an email and we will add it.

Local Clapham food shops

Recipease, Jamie Oliver shop (Clapham Junction)

Jamie Oliver shop, Clapham Junction (Recipease)

Recipease shop owned by Jamie Oliver

Recipease, the latest food venture by celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver, is a shop on Clapham Junction’s main high street, St. John’s Road. It opened in late 2008 and has a beautiful interior like a giant country kitchen. Interestingly, it is a shop that doubles as a live cooking venue to practice and be shown how to cook certain dishes like curry and home made pizza. There’s a small selection of ready meals prepared to Jamie Oliver’s recipes plus wines and utensils. None of this comes cheap, but it’s expensive because of the quality, and it really shows when you look around that a great amount of detail and attention went into the shop. Continue reading

Clap-chat: thoughts of a Clapham website editor

Clapham North Escalator

“Why do escalators feel like they’re still moving when they’re stationary?” One of the questions whirring around my head when I got on the tube at Clapham North this morning and one I am sure I’ll find the answer to on the internet. If not, then the Clapham North ‘thought of the day’ board will probably explain soon. A month since Love Clapham went live and the amount of questions I’ve had answered about my home town is incredible, thanks to the internet and the local people that use it. Continue reading

Boots on Clapham High Street opens Wednesday

Boots Clapham High Street

OK, I admit it, in the grand scheme of things this is hardly news. But in the world of Clapham High Street this is a front page headline! The Boots pharmacy store on Clapham High Street opens next Wednesday, 3rd June at 8.30am. That’s correct early birds, you can even pop in for a nose around before work if you’re that interested. Boots has obviously done its research and has stuck a massive “BEAUTY” label above the doorway to attract Clappers who like to look their best around the streets of Clapham. Continue reading

Clapper of the week: daytime disco

Clapham Clapper Windmill-dancer

So there we were, outside the Windmill pub on Clapham Common relatively early in the evening of Saturday. The sun was blazing, people were sun bathing. Then we noticed the Windmill pub had extended part of its garden into an outdoor clubbing mecha! The above lady was getting her groove on quite seriously by herself in this new area. She and her ‘male friend’ then went on to cause a fair amount of mischief…