Clapham primary school development £1 million over budget?

Clapham Manor Primary School

Schooling is so important, but it’s amazing how much primary school extensions cost these days. The South London Press is reporting that Clapham Manor Primary School (near Clapham High Street) is over it’s £2.5million budget by close to a million smackaroonies for its modern, technicolour extension. Continue reading

Clapham cinema: Bruno comes to town!

Sacha Baron Cohen’s at it again, BIG TIME! His latest film Bruno looks set to push the boundaries of offensiveness even further than before. It opens this Friday in Clapham, just days before the little boy wizard finally arrives next week… Importantly, don’t forget the Burma VJ and satellite Q&A with the director afterwards, only at Clapham Picture House on Tuesday. Keep reading for the upcoming week’s full Clapham cinema listings. Continue reading

Lost Society

Lost Society ClaphamLost Society has a fantastic and frankly weird interior and great music, a combination that maxes it out every single weekend. It has a great outdoor courtyard too. One of the highlights of the “between Clapham Junction / Clapham Common pocket”.

Address: Lost Society, 697 Wansworth Road, London SW8 3JF
Phone: 020 7652 6526

Burma documentary showing at Clapham Picture House

Clapham Picture House Burma

On Tuesday Clapham Picture House is showing a one-off screening of Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country, a compilation of real-life camera footage by under cover video journalists in Burma which Empire calls “Captivating and essential viewing.” It’s been compiled and produced by Anders Ostergaard and is said to play out like a thriller, made all the more impactful by its harsh reality. Following the screening is a live satellite Q&A session with the director, a member of the Democratic Voice of Burma and a representative of the Burma Campaign UK. There are only limited tickets left, so book now.