Clapham History: lion loose in Clapham Junction

Clapham Junction Lion

The above grainy picture is from a video of a lion chilling out while on the run in Clapham Junction. In case you were wondering why you hadn’t heard about this on Twitter, it’s because this amazing footage is from back in 1943. Watch the video on British Pathe, but beware the poetic narrative. Many thanks to Eddie Clarke for spotting this one! If you find any other Clapham historic treats, please get in touch.

Register to Vote before 21 November

Vote in local Lambeth elections

Whether you live in Lambeth or Wandsworth, time is running out to make sure you are registered on the “electoral register”, the list that allows you to vote in local and general elections. You have until 21st November to register, and if you don’t you won’t have a say in who runs the local council or who runs the country for the next four years. That should be important enough, but if it isn’t, by not being registered it can mess up your ability to get loans, bank accounts, direct debits etc. Continue reading

Clapham Cinema: loads of great films!

Forget the “summer blockbuster”, this year it’s all about the Autumn blockbuster with the Fantastic Mr Fox, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnasuss and the absolutely brilliant “UP” by Pixar. On top of that, the Clapham Picture House is showing the Michael Jackson This Is It tour rehearsal documentary and a one off MET Opera Live event in HD on Saturday 23rd October. There’s tonnes to watch, so get watching! Continue reading

Children’s Drama Classes in Clapham

Clapham children's drama classes

Dramatical Theatre School in Clapham, between Clapham North and Wandsworth Road, has sent in some information about the children’s drama classes it now offers for 4 – 8 year olds. They say that “At Dramatical, we are dedicated to teaching drama to your child in exciting ways that help their physical and mental development, as well as their confidence.” Keep reading for full information and to contact them. Continue reading

Clapham Common Fireworks 2009

Clapham Common Fireworks 2009

Clapham Common Fireworks Display 2009 is on Thursday 5th November starting bang on 7.30pm and it’s totally free! No self-respecting Claphamite would dare to leave it off their winter social calendar, it’s yet another reason why we completely Love Clapham. I do hope they turn the flood lights down and change the music this year though, I’m a bit bored of Queen… Continue reading

Clapham Comedy and Rising House Prices

Clapham funny money

In the photo above I was aiming for a mix of “funny money” to go with the headline, but instead ended up with a blurry, poorly executed version of one of those “haha I can fold a note over and put it on someone’s face” photos. But enough of that, I know what you’re thinking: where’s LoveClapham been and is that a dollar bill? Why yes loyal Clappers, you have deduced correctly that Love Clapham left the confines of our amazing society for a brief jaunt in the Big Apple, New York! Verdict? It’s not Clapham folks, so I came back. Back to the crappy news that house prices in our area are still going up, up and away in Clapham despite the recession. Good if you’re selling, utterly rubbish if you’re buying. Claps better not get too expensive otherwise I might have to start loving somewhere cheaper (as if!) On a lighter note, in fact a downright amazing note, Comedy Carnival is returning to the Clapham Grand. It already has a huge line-up of comedians for you to book and see right now, check out their site for more details. Given that Clapham has such a poor amount of entertainment options this is a much welcome, much needed and much [insert own superlative] development. Nice one Clapham Grand – Comedy Carnival is high up on Love Clapham’s excitement list.

Orla Kiely Clapham interview

Orla Kiely Clapham

Clapham is fast becoming the hottest place in the world to live, with celebrities bursting out of every corner including current famous residents Vivienne Westwood, Ainsley Harriot and Love Clapham (only joking…). Designer Orla Kiely is well known across the world, and The Times has a short article about Orla Kiely’s home and business in Clapham. Quite cool for all you Clapham fact seekers out there.

Clapham Cinema: Away We Go

Away We Go Clapham Cinema

Away We Go is out in Clapham’s Picture House this week and it’s received good reviews, a welcome return from director Sam Mendes. To celebrate, Clapham Picture House has given us more goodies for a competition and it’s another ace package: the film poster, soundtrack and screen play (see above). To win, please just email in the answer to this timely pop-culture question that bears no relevance to this film whatsoever: who was the very first person to leave the Sugababes? See all of the films on at Clapham’s cinema below. NEWS FLASH: Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well, in Marianne Elliott’s ‘wonderfully rich and rewarding’ (Daily Telegraph) production, will be broadcast live from the National Theatre to Clapham Picturehouse on 1st October. Continue reading