‘No’ to local newspapers through letter boxes

Wandsworth Guardian

If you’ve been following @loveclapham on Twitter you’ll know how annoyed I’m getting with the Wandsworth Guardian. I have a No Junk Mail sticker on my letter box, yet despite this and repeated requests to the newspaper to stop they are still ignoring my sticker and shoving their paper through my door. What’s worse is that it’s a Wandsworth borough newspaper and I couldn’t be further into the Lambeth end of Clapham if I tried. Since moving to Clapham North I’ve received one of these newspapers a week amounting to over 60 papers that have gone straight in the recycling bin. While some people may read it, I’d imagine others don’t want it. The same of all papers forced on people in this way. It’s a waste of money for the companies advertising in it and bad for the environment.

If I want to read their news I will visit their website or pick up a copy from a shop that distributes it. I do not want publications or any junk mail I haven’t asked for forced into my property. It’s an abuse of my home.

I want to support local businesses and I want to see the Wandsworth Guardian continue to grow, but it has to respect the wishes of the people it’s trying to represent. I don’t mind advertising in magazines and newspapers I choose to pick up, but I do if it’s supporting a newspaper conducting bad practice.

My recommendations for these newspapers are simple:

  1. Immediately tell your distributors to stop posting these unwanted papers through letterboxes with ‘No Junk Mail’ stickers
  2. Consider a better model where you offer your paper in shops instead of forcing it on people. You may have a smaller distribution but at least advertisers will know every one sold is being read rather than thrown away. Also, you won’t be damaging the environmant.
  3. Focus more on your websites, they are far more important (ask me for help! I know a thing or two about building online businesses!)

12 thoughts on “‘No’ to local newspapers through letter boxes

  1. Especially odd when you consider that those of us who live in Du Cane Court in Balham don’t get the paper at all because it’s not distributed here! They’re missing out on a potential 1,000 extra circulation!

  2. Hmmm… while I understand your statement, I must disagree with some general conclusion. For a lot of people I asked, the “No Junk Mail” sticker is to avoid pizza and take away advertising, not to avoid local information distributed through the letter box.

  3. They’re just showing off, as Wandsworth is significantly better run (and better off) than Lambeth 😉

    Jokes aside though… it doesn’t make sense to distribute these to households in Lambeth.

  4. Better off than Lambeth? Get a life and leave Lambeth alone! You people in Wandsworth live in a bubble. Everyone in London knows that Battersea, Balham and Wandsworth are (ethnic cleansed)tarted up dumps with overpriced homes and pretentious shops and people who are forever wishing they could live in Chelsea but can’t afford it so have to make do with second best. The only reason you have the lowest council tax is because after paying through the nose for your dinky little working men terrraces there’s nothing left.

  5. Wow Steve, say what you really think.

    Didn’t care to think of the people in Wandsworth who don’t give two hoots about Chelsea. It’s a big borough mate… and I’m not sure people living in Tooting Broadway have delusions of grandeur.

    What you spouted was mere tripe from your gob.

    It is fact that Lambeth BC has a history of corruption – and was once deemed “Britian’s worst council”.

    You see Steve, that is how you prove a point. You vile fool.

  6. No Adverts. Why don’t they make it illegal to put pizza adverts through doors. These people are from other countries where they can’t respect how English people live. they think they are back home and just put this crap through your door regardless. It also takes money away from the Royal Mail. Anyway can someone help me, i keep getting crap thorugh the letter box. my sign says no adverts so i get the local paper which i want, but not pizza adverts.

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  9. Simple, if you do not want junk mail jus sit at your porch with the garden hose. Make sure you have your “no junk mail” stickers on your box and then as the little purp goes to place the junk, spray him for all hes worth. they will soon get the tip and not put junk mail back in your letterbox again.


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