New Clapham Leisure Centre Open

Clapham has been without a swimming pool for over a year but the new leisure centre (which looks something like the above drawing) is open. And dagnamit, it’s only got a swimming pool with a moving floor to change its depth! This probably entitles Clappers to say we have a ‘state of the art’ leisure centre. It also has a large gym area and a sports hall above it. Fabulous. For those of you going “whaaa? A new leisure centre? In Clapham?” you can find it on Clapham Manor Street next to the equally healthy KFC. Have you been yet, what do you think? Tell everyone below…

15 thoughts on “New Clapham Leisure Centre Open

  1. Love the fabulous pool and the changing facilities etc! The staff are very accomodating and it was nice to be met with a friendly smile. Unfortunately they do not have a creche but are considering some form of childcare facilities starting in February apparently.

  2. Sadly can’t agree with the above comment. Pool smaller & narrower than the old Clapham one / or the Brixton pool. Lanes too narrow. Unisex changing cubicles on side of pool woefully small. 5 unisex cubicle showers also made for small people. No clock to time yourself. Shame….

  3. Hmm, maybe whoever wrote this article should actually visit the leisure centre before writing about it. It doesn’t have squash courts and it isn’t next to KFC.

    The gym is good and reasonably priced but there are no paper towels to wipe the equipment down and the changing rooms smell bad. It isn’t currently possible to swipe in with a membership card so you have to queue up behind people applying for membership. So far, it has taken about 5 minutes, on average, just to get through the gate.

    The sports hall seems good although I haven’t used it yet. It is about the size of one 5 a side football pitch.

    There is an exercise studio and there are one or two classes each day. Apparently this will increase with time. There is also a small spinning studio, although I don’t think there are any classes booked in yet. I have seen signs for a climbing wall but as yet this does not exist.

    As the previous poster said, the lanes in the pool are quite narrow and there is no clock, but the length is 25 metres, which is a good length for me.

    The staff are all very helpful and friendly and I’m sure that once some of the seething problems are sorted, this leisure centre will be very successful.

  4. Absolutely terrible. Waited 10 minutes just to pay and then had to wait for someone to open the gate. Communal changing rooms right next to the pool with no privacy but little cubicles. I’m not a prude but if my towel slips i’d rather not be flashing to everyone at the leisure centre and i can imagine they feel the same way.

    No signs up so was a hunt to find showers and toilets . There did appear to be a member of staff in the changing area but they had headphones on and seemed prettty busy playing with their phone. Not enough showers and to get to the toilets you had walk by the pool and past the pool side showers which meant that there was muddy trails by the pool and my trousers got wet. No bins in the toilets making the ladies pretty unsanitary and some bright spark had either ordered the wrong type of loo roll or put it in incorrected as it was near impossible to get any out. (i know i’m nit picking but i may as well get it all out).

    The swimming lanes were ridiculously narrow and as there was no over flow area there were some people in the slow lane that could barely swim. They were so narrow people were having to wait either end to have a swim. This seemed all the more stupid when there were 2 classes being held either side of the lanes. One class was a one on one with at least 2 metres width allocated whilst the actual teaching pool was empty.

    No clock as mentioned above is pretty annoying as well but i’m guessing they will get around to that as there were some useful sockets and a phone line about 5 metres up the wall by the pool!

    Returning to the changing area there was mud across the floor and a member of staff was using a cleaning machine to successfully move said mud around to more areas. Queues for the showers followed by a grapple to take my clothes out of my locker without falshing the nation. To top it off the hairdryers were cheap air blowers that you would have to spend at least 20mins with to even start to dry your hair so no swimming before work.

    I may be nit picking but we’ve waited years for it and it’s just dissapointing. Even when the teething problems are solved you’ll still have to get your legd wet on the way to the loo.

    Brixton may have staff that are more interested in buffing their nails than serving you and the cleaning ladies like to throw bleach at your feet but all in all the facilities are miles better.

  5. Staff at entrance are friendly and helpful but it doesn’t really matter as i have to wait in long queues to get in.They didnt get their entry system sorted yet + swimming pool is not up to my expectations + they have stupid 15-30 min pool closure times when all customers are asked to get out.Not GOOD.

  6. Dave – I have been to the leisure centre but you’re 100% right about the squash courts, it’s actually a sports hall! A member of staff told us it was squash courts.

    However it is next to KFC, it’s on the same road, less than 20 metres away.

  7. Nice kids pool but no family changing facilities and only one of the cubicles has a changing table so very difficult to come with babies or toddlers.
    Also a real shame there is no crèche at the moment. Brixton is far superior to this place.

  8. Staff seemed clueless about what facilities they offer. I had to suggest “gym and swimming pool, anything else?” but they still weren’t sure, and then three of them together couldn’t come up with what things cost. No leaflets to cover this either. Otherwise, the place looked clean and promising.

    ‘Love Clapham’, that’s a weird argument for you to get into with Dave. I can’t see there’s much room for different opinions: you’re confusing “next to” with “near to” and “20metres” with “100 metres”. Love the site more generally though. Congrats and thanks.

  9. Have tried to go a few times on a pay and play basis but each time there has been difficulties with staff not being able to tell me the casual rates, and quoting different prices than those listed on their website, including differing info about how much and whether I need to complete an induction (which costs an extra £13).

    Staff should be trained up by now to know what the gym offers and how much it costs.

    Hoping one day soon to try out the facilities 🙂 Just as soon as they can tell me how much it is….

  10. I’ve waited a couple of years for the new pool and I’m really disappointed. The communal changing, crazy toilet location, showers on public view etc – are quite shockingly badly designed. I don’t consider myself a prude either, but I’m not going back. Just didn’t enjoy it. It’s a very excluding environment – not good for anyone other than the completely uninhibited (although at what point does the law kick in regarding public exposure) or the body beautiful – so this will exclude large numbers of local people, including myself. The pool itself is small and short compared to the last one. I would have preferred more length, (perhaps by extending into the inexplicably large reception area). Appalling waste of public money as I’m guessing many people will not want to use it and will continue to make the journey over the Brixton Rec.

  11. The whole pool is only 17 metres for most of the day due to schools using it..even tho there is a training pool they could use. they could also do what Brixton do..Use one full 25m lane and have the rest of the pool also at 25m for the PAYING members.
    Totally unfair at the moment
    And yes. .. 5 showers for everyone to use..ridiculous..
    And yes.. Far too narrow lanes.. Almost got whacked in the face last week..,,

  12. This makes me laugh as it seems now that a place that is said to be some 20 metres away can now be said to be next to ? For goodness sake it is NOT next to KFC which is located on the high street itself. Its not next to anything but is situated on Clapham Manor Street between Bicycle Mews and Voltaire Road. Now I have been to Clapham Manor Street with my trusty measuring tape and I have measured it to be exactly 74.658879334 metres away. I hope this clears up the misinformation by love the clapham.

  13. Wow, that throw away comment really got to you? 🙂 I’m glad you measured it, although I think 74 metres sounds like you might have gone too far… Maybe a trundle wheel next time?

  14. Could be a great gym!! BUT there’s never any spots left for ANY of the classes. They book up a week in advance and have about 25 places per class. Since the New Years offer you can’t get in.


    THE POOL IS FREEZING!! Mentioned this to the manager who stated it wasn’t below the legal limit. (Reassuring?) but still FREEZING! Turn it up!! Lips were blue when I came out and I didn’t swim for as long as I planned because of it.

    The staff are also incredibly ignorant and rude. Mystery shoppers please get involved.

    Facilities are great though, and its all clean and new. So if you want to gym on a budget go for it. If you want to swim without getting hypothermia, attend classes or get served by someone who can drag their eyes off their mobile to serve you, probably go for another gym

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