Morrison’s on Clapham High Street?

You heard it here first Clappers, signs are up on Blockbusters Clapham High Street saying there is an application for Morrison’s supermarkets to take over the store. Yes, another supermarket. You can still have a say, so do have a say!

Wouldn’t it be nice to get some clothes shops or something more fabulous.

7 thoughts on “Morrison’s on Clapham High Street?

  1. Although it is always good to have where to choose from, would definitely be nicer to have a clothes shop, a butcher, a Curry’s…so many to choose from.

  2. Definitely not in need of another supermarket on the high street.. And a Morrisons too.. Two Sainsburys, Tesco and a Waitrose, plus Iceland is more than enough!

  3. I felt a little disappointed too on seeing the Morrison’s sign today. Don’t know why, because I’ve never been in one. But it’s better than an empty shop and it will light up that side of the street whcih is good. Hope they go big on fruit and veg cos mini Sainsburys is a bit limited.

  4. Morrison’s are actually great, it’s just a shame we don’t have more variety in our shops. Soon we’ll only have supermarkets, bars and restaurants.

  5. Morrisons is cool. They’ve improved. A boost to Clapham North and Stockwell. Unfortunately I don’t think Clapham, Balham and Battersea do quirky trendiness that well. Neither does Brixton, even though it is trying hard to become like Shoreditch but it just doesn’t have the Zone 1 catchment. Ditto Clapham, too many bankers, young professionals and families, not enough real grit and grime to make it edgy and alternative. If you have too many alternative shops in Clapham, the Clapham Society will moan about it. Clapham is a victim of its very own success, I understand it has the highest employment rate in Lambeth and one of the highest in London, that means nearly everyone works, therefore there is no one around to sustain a daytime economy that will attract major chains to the area. That is why the Clapham economy is an evening and weekend one. We are also not a designated major town centre like Brixton, Clapham Junction and Streatham but a residential area like Dulwich, St. John’s Wood and Chiswick hence the emphasis on small shops and independents and leisure based services in the area. This may not be a bad thing after all. There is major regeneration work around the Old Town transforming it to a Piazza like the the Duke of York Sq on the Kings Road and the bit around the tube will be transformed too, and will attract more shops and no doubt lead to higher house prices

  6. Steve, Personally I am very happy Clapham does not have the ‘quirky trendiness’ of east London. Shops serving hipsters are here today gone tomorrow. I’d much rather have stolid shops selling stuff that people actually need.

    Take the shop next door to Morrisons, Jeannette, which looks like it’s been there forever. I only go in there about once every two years, but I know it’s there and if I want some curtain hooks or dye or calico, you know Mr Jeannette will sort you out. I expect Lambeth go easy on him for the rent. And fair play, because it’s those shops that are the lifeblood of a high street.

    As for high employment being a problem, that’s an unusual way of looking at things! Personally I’d like a local income tax in exchange for for a same-percentage reduction in national income tax. Clapham should have more spent on it and look smarter given the amount of tax its residents pay.

  7. And another Sainsburys to open next to the Clapham north on the old car forecourt… at least 200m from the other one.

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