Love on the Grapevine?

The beginning of a new year tends to be time for resolutions, trying new things and meeting making new friends. If you’re single and thinking about socialising with a fresh group of Clapham people in a pressure free environment then a Grapevine event might just be for you.

An evening of wine tasting, tapas, dancing and getting to know other single Clapham residents at the Flame Bar on the High Street awaits you. These are monthly events that blend together the best bits of dating, socialising and exciting your palate through sampling a variety of wines and h’orderves. The night also includes a quiz about the wines with prizes issued for the winning team.

Guest are given dating cards at the start of the evening  which are handed back before they leave with all the people they want to keep in touch with listed. The hosts then send all guests an email on Monday. Anyone that you ticked will get your email address, and you will get the email address of anyone that ticked you. The rest is up you!

For more information and to book yourself a place click here

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