Flying High

Flying Fantastic is a new concept in fitness. They’re based on a model tried and tested in Buenos Aires – where the Argentines get to work out on aerial silks, ropes, trapeze and hoop and have an absolute ball while they’re doing it – Now Clappers it’s your turn! Every Tuesday night at The Wilditch Centre on Culvert Road they offer two classes which are open to everybody – not for just the super athletic or for the gymnasts amongst us! As well as keeping you fit the classes are structured in a way that you learn new skills and have fun at the same time. The teachers specialise in taking every individual’s ability into account and making it as relaxed and as enjoyable as possible. Currently they’re offering weekly classes in aerial silks. In due course they hope to be opening the doors to lots more exciting activities like trapeze, rope, aerial harness and loads more fantastic stuff.

One thought on “Flying High

  1. That looks totally amazing! It’s one exercise class I’d actually turn up to!

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