Fish Food?

Anesis Spa is one of the largest of its type and is based right in the heart of Clapham, but it’s far from your typical waxing, plucking and tanning salon – in fact is full to the brim of nothing but….. FISH – Garra Rufa fish to be exact. They act as cleaners removing dead scales from larger fish and at Anesis they nibble away at your feet or hands and release an enzyme called diathanol which is said to improve the skin regeneration process. I was thinking exactly what you are … gross and a little bit scary! But apparently not – according to clients, the sensation is nothing more than a slight bubbling and it leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. The treatment is becoming ever popular with Garra Rufa fish tanks popping up at all sorts of venues such as festivals, cafés and airports. With celebrities swearing by it and members of the public booking in for regular appointments, it has become something of a phenomenon. It has only recently hit Britain in the last year but in countries such as Turkey, Syria and Iran it has been a popular treatment for many years. This weekend Anesis is offering a deluxe Mother’s Day package for £50 and your treatment will be free. For more details please click here.

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