Everyone’s Zumba-ing!

Zumba has taken the country by storm and literally EVERYONES talking about it! So last night I decided to bite the bullet, take a class and see what all the fuss is about. I’d heard that a popular one was Lindsay-Jay’s class at Wessex House in Clapham Junction, so along with a friend I arrived at 6:30 donning some light trousers and a strappy top because word is you get HOT HOT HOT! I was absolutely amazed to see how many people had turned up and rather relieved to see that not everyone was beautifully toned dancers ā€“ in fact there were all ages, shapes and sizes! Having found a space, almost at the front (eek!) the Latino pop music started pumping and Lindsay bounded on to a platform and began performing some simple dance steps encouraging us to follow. The pace was roughly that of an aerobics class but the moves were a lot more dance focused and rhythmical. There was a great deal of booty shaking, quick salsa inspired steps, punching the air and jumping around – it was indeed VERY hot 20 minutes in! The best thing I felt about the class was that it didn’t matter how good you were or whether you were keeping up, everyone just let themselves go and really got in to the spirit of it. Lindsay-Jay kept up a good pace throughout the class making sure you felt like you had a good work out but at the same time enjoyed yourself. She’s extremely inspiring and says ‘Iā€™m so passionate about what Zumba does for people, especially those that wouldn’t normally exercise. It’s so much fun and its effective ā€“ it truly is exercise in disguise!’. She runs classes throughout the week, click here for further information. At the end I felt like I’d had a good hour of cardio exercise but more importantly I’d had fun – I will definitely be going back for more next week!

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