Community Inspired Art at Clapham’s NEW Leisure Centre & Library sites

World-renowned artist Andrew Logan has been commissioned to create works of art for Clapham’s new public library and leisure centre sites. The artist is currently working on two large-scale works of art: a giant red glittering heart will hang at the centre of the new leisure centre, while the word ‘LIBRARY‘ will be spelled out in two metre high letters along Clapham High Street outside the new public library. The sculptures will be entirely covered with Logan’s signature brightly coloured hand-crafted mosaic of glass, mirror and found objects. Clapham residents are being invited to donate personal mementos, which Logan will include in the mosaic on the sculptures outside Clapham’s new public library. Andrew commented ‘This is my first public realm commission in London after being here for over 40 years. I am delighted to contribute to the life of the city in a manner that celebrates healthy minds, healthy bodies and quality of life. I hope to visit the pool with frequency!’. Collection of has started and will carry on until 31st October. You can donate your items at the three following places: Clapham Library (North Side), Clapham Family Practice on the High Street and at the new Clapham library site on the High Street.

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