Clapham’s attack of the supermarkets

They arrived slowly, one by one, popping up silently in the night. They appeared with their glowing signs and tempting delights. Until one day, the residents of Clapham realised they had been overrun by limited selections and narrow aisles.

Yes my people, Love Clapham is being silly. Supermarkets are fab, of course. We need them and the closer they are to our route home the more convenient. And of course we all cheered when Waitrose arrived on Clapham High Street. However, as Sainsbury’s adds another supermarket to Nightingale Lane and has plans afoot for another possible store by Clapham North, Love Clapham poses the question: how many supermarkets is too many supermarkets?

Love Clapham’s high tech supermarket tracker map – click to view big
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Clapham Supermarkets

(the circle shows only a 1/2 mile radius around the Clapham Common bandstand)

3 thoughts on “Clapham’s attack of the supermarkets

  1. You’re right we’re being overrun by supermarkets. but I think Lambeth in general was long overlooked by retailers who now realise the potential in the Borough. 2 years ago Brixton hardly had any chain shops now they are falling head over heels to open express shops there. I think Clapham probably has the highest concentration of supermarkets in one area compared to other districts. They celebrated in Streatham when the first Sainsbury’s local opened on the High Street in 2011 Lol! More diverse shops including independents, good restaurants, patisseries, coffee shops and Galleries would be most welcome.

  2. In response to your Clapometer ‘whats not?’ no 4 – yes there are a number of rubbish shops left on Clapham high street notably remnants of the corner shops that once dominated the high street in Clapham’s less salubrious times. They are disappearing slowly. I think the high street has improved over the last 7 years as more quality shops and the new Library have opened. But the high street has always had a character of its own and one doubts if many Claphamites want it to change drastically. Certainly not in the way Brixton is being stormed with chains. Brixton has lost it’s Bohemian cool-factor it’s ‘I don’t care what you think about me I’m unique’ attitude is lost forever as it looks more and more like Clapham Junction by the day.

  3. Yeah, they’re good points. I was walking around Clapham High Street the other day trying to look at it with fresh eyes and you’re right, it really has improved dramatically. It is actually a great place to hang out and visit with lots going on. There are three quite big retail spaces up for grabs at the moment, it’ll be interesting what they fill those with in the coming months.

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