Clapham Mince Pie Review

Clapham Mince Pies

MilkInIt has been voted top mince pie retailer near Clapham Common in a taste test by local students. Four students tried mince pies from six food retailers in Clapham, which included Starbucks, Greggs, Esca, MilkInIt, McDonalds and The Windmill. The winning mince pie came top for both its pastry and mincemeat, and was served warm with a choice of brandy cream or frozen yoghurt.

MilkInIt shop owner Antonia Kadri said: “It’s what mince pies are accompanied with that makes them so special.” The mince pie retails for £1.55 with toppings, or a bargain 55 pence without. MilkInIt also had a French take on the mince pie, which consisted of crepes with mincemeat and brandy cream.

Esca, another independent retailer sold a mince pie crumble, which had a crumble topping rather than traditional short-crust one. Waitress Mathilde Delarse said: “The owner is very adventurous, so it’s typical of her to put a twist on tradition.” The pie retails for £1.50. Esca, a real festive haven, was also the reviewers’ favourite place to indulge in the Christmas treat.

Starbucks came out top of chains, with their luxury all-butter mince pie, which retailed for £1.65 if sitting in. Philippa Burton said: “I’m really impressed. The pastry just melts in the mouth.”

Staple high street bakery, Gregg’s, was described by Nneka Opara as “cheap and cheerful. The pastry let it down, but it was a bargain at only 30 pence.”

The reviewers were less impressed with the McDonald’s Festive Pie, which was described by Anna Parkin as “a festive fright” due to the texture of the pastry and the custard inside. The pies retail for 99 pence.

The Windmill gets a special mention for its melt-in-the mouth mince pies which they are selling to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. All the pies cost £2.00, so here you can have your pie and contribute to a worthwhile cause.

This review was written Syma Mohammed, a local student of Lambeth College. Thanks Syma!

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