Clapham Junction Station revamp scaled back

Clapham Junction Platform

As you may have heard by now, Network Rail has had to cancel a number of major UK station redevelopments after having its £100 million budget reduced in the new Government’s budget cuts. The busiest station in Europe, our very own Clapham Junction, was the first and possibly most high profile of the station improvement works to face the chop. So, the severely run down station will stay that way for a long time to come. Given how bad it is already, Love Clapham dreads to think how it will look over the coming years and that’s not even taking into account safety – some of those platforms are incredibly uneven and dangerous. The London Evening Standard has more details of some works that will still take place, but still, it’s a blow given how many people use this station every single day.

3 thoughts on “Clapham Junction Station revamp scaled back

  1. Got down to the sewer… sorry the tunnel… underneath the platforms the other day at 8.30am to be met by a solid wall of people. No one going anywhere… this station is so badly in need of a revamp just to give more options for getting in and out of the place.

  2. I’m a bit confused about your site. It’s called love Clapham which is Clapham Common but you have storys about Clapham Junction which is in Battersea.

  3. Roy – I know officially it’s Battersea, but everyone thinks it’s Clapham, it’s at the other end of Clapham Common and it’s called Clapham Junction. So on here, Clapham Junction is counted as part of the Clapham part of London.

    Even if I were to decide it’s not counted as Clapham, Clapham Junction is so near and so used by residents of Clapham that I would still report on it anyway.

    Hope that clarifies.

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