Clapham Junction hotel plans rejected

Clapham Junction hotel blocked

The Wandsworth planning applications committee has rejected a large development planned for Clapham Junction. This follows a high profile petition from some local residents who opposed the plans.

Plans for a hotel on Falcon Road in Clapham Junction state that it would be 16 stories high, taller than other buildings in the area but substantially smaller than the previous development that had residents up in arms. The planning applications committee said:

“We had no problem with a hotel in this location – it would clearly be a benefit to the town centre.

“The concerns were more about whether the site could accommodate a building of this size. The new structure would be out of scale with the nearby houses in Mossbury Road.

“There is scope for a taller building here but it must respect its immediate surroundings and the properties around it.

“It would be regrettable if the council’s decision were overturned. We are not saying we do not want investment here – just that any development must be of the right scale and size for its location.”

The hotel would have replaced the disused and rundown building in the above picture. However, despite this initial rejection, the plans are being referred to the Mayor of London office which has been looking into rejuvenating areas of London like Clapham Junction.

Is this preservation of the area or a barrier to improving it? Tell us your thoughts below.

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2 thoughts on “Clapham Junction hotel plans rejected

  1. Just to be a little bit more precise, you shouldn’t say “The Wandsworth planning applications committee has rejected […] the second time in recent months”, because they (unfortunately) did not have the opportunity to refuse the two 42-storey towers as the application was withdrawn by the developers themselves 2 days before the committee!

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