Clapham Junction hotel approved!

Clapham Junction Hotel approved

Well blow me down – will you just look at this Clappers! It’s only the bloomin’ phoenix of an approved hotel rising from the ashes of the rejected plans from last year.  Yep, this revised plan of a seventy room hotel with, from what I can tell, seven floors (it’s actually 8 – thanks Cyril!) has been approved by planners. A fantastic result for all concerned because not only does Clapham Junction receive a much needed development in a tired corner, local residents can now enjoy the service without the worry of the high sky line.

2 thoughts on “Clapham Junction hotel approved!

  1. 8 storeys actually – max allowed by emerging planning policy for this tiny spot.

    Efforts by the developers must be acknowledged as he thoroughly reviewed the reasons for the previous refusal and tried to address the concerns. Therefore in view of the efforts and the new plan the planning was unanimously granted.

    Parking issues are still making worries but in a disappointing meeting the Planning Committee did not want to take the chance of addressing the issue, with a broader discussion.

  2. Thanks for the update Cyril. I’m really pleased this all got resolved thanks to so many people’s efforts from all parties 🙂

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