Clapham History: Clapham North Deep Shelter

Clapham North Deep Shelter

Check out this awesomeness from the Clapham North Deep Shelter. Built to house 12,000 people during the air raids of World War II, these rare photos offer a unique look into the forgotten structures. Urban Explorer UK has a stunning set of photos taken inside the shelter including a couple with models which bring these pieces of history bang up-to-date. Their size is mind boggling when you think they’re lying there beneath Clapham High Street. Kudos to Urban Explorer for securing access when they aren’t open to the public.

One thought on “Clapham History: Clapham North Deep Shelter

  1. Fantastic set. I thought LU announced (last year??) that these spaces were to be hired out for storage. It was in all the papers.

    The shelters along the Clapham stretch of the Northern line were planned so that after the war, they could be all joined up into a continuous tunnel and double the Northern line’s capacity. Because even before the war, the Northern line was overcrowded! Sixty years on, and not much has come of that.

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