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Clapham is a town in South London with a stunning common at its heart and a lively, sociable population that combine to make it one of the most attractive and trendiest places to live in the UK. This Clapham guide section aims to offer everything you need to know about Clapham in one place from outdoor activities, shopping and living areas and more.

Clapham guides

About Clapham

Around Clapham Common are countless bars, cafes and restaurants in various pockets that attract swarms of people from all walks of life. Whether you’re a young professional looking for quick access to central London, a family looking for quality housing and schools or you simply want a great night out, Clapham should be your first port of call.

Clapham is split across two boroughs of London:

  • Lambeth (Clapham North, Clapham Common area)
  • Wandsworth (Clapham Junction, Clapham South, Northcote Road area)

All three corners of Clapham are a fair walk from each other – Clapham Junction is a good 20 – 30 mins walk from Clapham Common tube! – and each offers its own selection of shops, style and culture.

Quick facts


  • Underground: 3 stations on the Northern Line (Clapham North, Clapham Common, Clapham South)
  • Overground: 2 stations (Clapham Junction, Clapham High Street)
  • Buses: lots of routes that will take you all over London. Including…
    37 to Putney or Peckham, 345 to South Kensington or Peckham, 88 to Camden Town, 137 to Oxford Circus, 155 to Elephant and Castle or Tooting, 35 to Shoreditch, 322 and 417 to Crystal Palace, 50 to Croyden, 249 to Anerley (see bus routes guide)
  • Night buses: N35 from Tottenham Court Road, N137 from Oxford Circus, N155 from Aldwych or The Strand (see bus routes guide)


  • Over 65,513 (from the last census in 2001)

9 thoughts on “Clapham Guide

  1. I read your Guide to renting in Clapham 6 months ago, when I was first thinking of moving to Clapham from North London, and I found it reassuring. I moved to Clapham South, in a supposedly “nice street” just off the Common in what you describe as “suburban life” and a “fantastic place to live”. I’ve never lived anywhere so purely superficially nice, but with such a nasty undercurrent. It’s menacing and threatening and I’ve never felt safe. I’ve been renting a room in a lovely-looking Victorian terrace house, surrounded by middle class families, many with children. They look as though they could afford to live elsewhere and I can’t imagine why they don’t.
    We’ve had two attempted break-ins in 6 months, and our downstairs neighbours have actually been broken into.
    I’ve lost count of how many stabbings and shootings and muggings I’ve heard about.
    I’m leaving this week and never setting foot back in Clapham ever again. I despise it. I think your website needs to offer a much more honest and realistic view. If only there was a, I would be posting a message on there too

  2. I am very sorry to hear your news regarding the upset and disappointment you have witnessed/ heard about. These things sadly are true of all areas of London but you make of it what you wish as there are lovely areas of North London such as Notting Hill, Primrose Hill, Chelsea and Hampstead, selubrious areas with sadly an undercurrent of violence and robbery also.
    I think you miss the point to this website. If everyone went around pointing the “negative finger”, nothing would be done to create positive opportunity or faith in the fellow neighbour.
    I have lived in Clapham for over 5 years, from the High Street to the back waters of Clapham south and yes there have been negative outcomes but if thats all you look to see then you miss what a wonderful place Clapham actually is.
    I hope you have settled somewhere picture perfect, as this seems to be what you and what everyone else seeks in a metropolitan area and hope it continues for you.
    Thing is, don’t tell anyone where it is for fear that everyone in London will try to move there and then you’re priced out the next time your rent is reviewed!
    Clapham to me is a wonderful area, full of great people – like everywhere, keep your wits about you and you’ll have a wonderful time like mine.

    Sadly I am moving to Australia very soon with my girlfriend but I’ll miss Clapham. The convenince to shops, to the rest of London, a few Bulmers on the Common in the Summer, snowdays and snowball fights with strangers, the pub quiz at our local and especially the friends we have made.

  3. I agree with the second writer, I’ve lived in Clapham for 6 years and have never experienced or heard of violent crime on my street. Clapham is indeed a lovely area with a lively community feel and loads of amenities. However, i understand the first writer’s concern, unfortunately that is London-living for you, anyone anywhere and any neighbourhood in London can experience crime. I don’t see why you can direct your hatred towards a neighbourhood when it is more than likely that those perpetrating the crime are from outside the area. Unfortunately affluent areas in London often end up being targeted by burglars from less affluent parts. Camden, Islington, Notting Hill, Primrose Hill, Blackheath, Hampstead etc are no safer than Clapham or anywhere else inner London with similar levels of affluence. You just have to keep your wits about you and keep your home safe – after all London is a metropolis of extremes cohabiting side-by-side

  4. Can anyone Help? I am researching my family by the name of COLLINS. The family ran a fruit and Veg shop in Clapham High St to my knowledge from 1850 t0 1901 maybe longer.
    William Collins was the main owner and my Great Grandfather (his son) was called Arthur. There were lots of siblings which make me think there are still some of the family in Clapham or a close area.
    I would be pleased to hear if anyone can help.


  5. Grace my daughter moved to Clapham today. She says it is a real good place to live. If you meet her say hello shes a nice person and we think shes lovely. Her dad.

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