Clapham Common Fireworks 2009

Clapham Common Fireworks 2009

Clapham Common Fireworks Display 2009 is on Thursday 5th November starting bang on 7.30pm and it’s totally free! No self-respecting Claphamite would dare to leave it off their winter social calendar, it’s yet another reason why we completely Love Clapham. I do hope they turn the flood lights down and change the music this year though, I’m a bit bored of Queen…

Clapham Common Fireworks Display 2009

  • Thursday 5th November
  • 7.30pm on the dot
  • Clapham Common (Clapham Common tube is closest)
  • Free
  • Follow us on Twitter: @loveclapham

The nights are drawing in, the leaves are turning brown and we’re snuggling up inside with toasty drinks, which means only one thing: time to get your gloves and sparklers ready for the biggest fireworks show in town. The area has a number of free fireworks displays, with Clapham’s among the longest running, most popular and most spectacular.

On the night there is often a large number of stalls selling food, snacks and other goodies (hopefully nice toffee apples and waffles, Mmm). There are no bonfires sadly because fires aren’t allowed in public parks, probably because someone might trip and fall into it… or something.

Getting to Clapham Common Fireworks

Clapham Common tube is the nearest stop to Clapham Common’s fireworks display. Visit our Clapham Common Guide for a simple map and full travel and local amenities information.

Travel warning

On the night, be sure to leave work early to get a good place before 7.30pm; Clapham’s fireworks display attracts thousands of people, often packing the Underground to the max, causing congestion and the risk of missing the display. We’re not underestimating either, last year Love Clapham was stuck in Kennington while tube staff closed the rammed station, causing chaos and us to miss the fireworks.

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