Clapham Common Firework Display 2012

Cor blimey geeza mate. Just been perusing the Lambeth Council website and it looks like the Clapham Common Fireworks Display is a no show this year 🙁 At least, at this point in time, Lambeth Council’s events calendar lists only Streatham Common and Brockwell Park firework displays.

Last year Love Clapham went to a roof just outside the Battersea Park firework display. Yep, always looking for a freebie. It was good but it wasn’t Clapham.

We’ll find out more in case it is on, stay tuned Clappers. We’re going undercover to investigate this tragic turn of events for you. Because we love you.

9 thoughts on “Clapham Common Firework Display 2012

  1. Is there any update on this? It would be a Bonfire Night travesty if they cancelled such a great annual event!!!

  2. From the Lambeth website:

    The Lambeth Fireworks display was hosted on Clapham Common in 2010 and then Brockwell Park in 2011 as part of the agreed rotation to stage the event at either Clapham Common, Brockwell Park or Streatham Common each year.

    This year we will be hosting the event at Streatham Common but as we only have one display there were concerns around Streatham Common being able to accommodate the numbers of attendees that normally attend the displays.

    In excess of 50,000 people attend the displays from within Lambeth each year and it was felt that in order to deliver a safe and secure event for the public we should have a second display at Brockwell Park.

    Clapham Common fireworks display will return as agreed in November 2013.

  3. last year no fireworks!!!! on battersea bridge couldnt c anything!! cant believe its happpenin again last yr im sure there was reasons this year theres none

  4. ya’ll for real i typed in what day and yous man are saying october. wth man its obvs november but ya’ll dont know when. so why comment and confuse me ? eh?

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