Bon Bon restaurant, Abbeville Road, Clapham, London

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Bon Bon is a good sized restaurant on a corner in the heart of the Abbeville Village. It serves fresh food and drink throughout the week and has a small seating area out the front for use on those sunny summer days.

Address and details

55 Abbeville Road

020 8676 4564

Getting to Bon Bon restaurant

Bon Bon restaurant is smack bang in the middle of Abbeville Road’s shops. The easiest way to get their is of course to walk. Clapham South is the nearest tube station, but it’s a good 5 minute walk or so from there.

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8 thoughts on “Bon Bon restaurant, Abbeville Road, Clapham, London

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  2. Sadly Bon Bon has changed hands since the above was written. I have been twice recently – goodness knows why I went the second time. First time I had eggs benedict and the hollandaise sauce was cold and tasted like margarine. Second my food was greasy and the “fries” were clearly of the cheap packaged non real potato sort. Unhelpful service – they charge £1 even for a DEBIT card. This will be unlawful soon but who has heard of that before? When questioned, the “waitress” just shrugged her shoulders and couldn’t have cared less. Shame there isn’t another brunch place on Abbeville Road, except maybe the pub or the patisserie if you want a pastry but if you want a “proper brunch” Bon Bon fails on many levels.

  3. Had a burger and chips at Bon Bon today and now have food poisoning – have never felt so ill! I went here a few years ago and it was wonderful, what on earth happened?!! I WILL NEVER GO THERE EVER AGAIN!!!!!

  4. First time I visited this cafe I was disappointed by the food and service. Thought I’d give it another go as it’s convenient for work. I Will NEVER go back. The waitress couldn’t have been less bothered, it took 35 minutes to prepare a jaket potato with beans and cheese which arrived cold! Some friends of the people working brought their dog with them which was allowed behind the counter and in the kitchen whilst the waitress petted it and let it lick her hands. I could not be more disgusted but this did not seems like somewhere where customer comments would be taken well or listened to so I left.

  5. I can honestly say my trip to Bon Bon in Clapham was the worst dining experience and indeed worst customer service i have ever experienced, with the chef threatening to make my food taste disguisting because of complaining. Not only was our brunch cold, tasteless and slow to appear (how hard is it to make a fry up?), when the chef was questionned where three of our remaining dishes were (40 minutes after we had ordered) he announced they didnt have any of one particular dish(you’d have thought they could have told us that when we ordered) and didn’t seem to care at all. As you can imagine we were all quite disgruntled and when only one of the three dishes appeared i was visibly irritated. on venting my frustration I was confronted with the most disguisting customer service – the chef threatened ‘don’t do that or your food won’t taste nice’. I immediately told him I did not appreciate being threatened and cancelled my order (thankfully getting my money back). When we complained to the waiting staff they were apologetic but not enough to make up for the way we had been treated. To make matters worse the chef appeared shouting at me, accusing me of being rude and deserving to receive this treatment and claiming I ‘ can’t report him to anybody’. That’s as maybe but hopefully a few well placed reviews should do the trick.

  6. I don’t know what restaurant the above people have been visiting but I go to Bon Bon on a regular basis every weekend in fact and I always leave there with a massive smile on my face the customer service is just fine all the staff are happy and welcoming and approach all customers professionally and politely. The food is of a really high quality and I can’t be the only one that thinks this of Bon Bon because if any body goes there on the weekend you almost have to queue to get a free table. I have never had a bad experience at Bon Bon and it is definitely a top favourite for me in Clapham. The street loves and needs it.

  7. Bon Bon serves up ‘caf style’ food in a café atmosphere. Unfortunately it’s not a particularly nice atmosphere to sit and have a chat and I wouldn’t meet friends here for a leisurely brunch. It’s also not much cheaper than the other weekend brunch options on Abbeville Road – Abbeville Kitchen’s breakfast is incredible and worth the money, while there is also Bistro Union. On one occasion I had a cold jacket potato that was nearly raw in the middle and cost the best part of a fiver and on another visit, I had Eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce was bright yearly and must have been from a packet. It’s a bit disappointing, but if you’re after a coffee and quick sandwich, it’s fine. The staff have always been friendly to me as well.

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