Supernova Korfball Club Tournament on Clapham Common

Korfball Clapham Common

In the summer Clapham is awash with sport, and our first report of the year is in. Earlier this week Clapham Common played host to the Supernova Korfball Club Tournament. What’s Korfball? In a nutshell, it’s a game with two teams, two zones and you score by getting the ball into raised rings with similarities to both basketball and netball. Supernova, a Clapham based club, holds the tournament each year. Continue reading

Clapham Cinema: Bruno and Harry Potter tickets on sale

Tue only: 6.40
Sun only: 3.00
Wed & Thu: 6.00 9.00
Daily except Sun: 2.00 5.15 8.30
Sun only: 1.00 4.15 7.30
Fri, Sat & Mon: 3.40 8.40
Sun only: 7.40
Tue only: 3.40
Wed & Thu only: 3.10
Daily except Sun: 1.40 4.10 6.40 9.10
Sun only: 12.40 3.10 5.40 8.10
Daily except Sun: 1.20 3.50 6.20 8.50
Sun only: 12.20 2.50 5.20 7.50
Fri, Sat & Mon: 1.30 6.30
Sun only: 12.30 5.30
Tue only: 1.30
Wed & Thu only: 1.00
KIDS CLUB: CATS & DOGS (PG) 11.45 (Sat only)

La Traviota

The big news for Clapham Picture House this week is that tickets for the summer blockbusters Bruno and Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince have gone on sale already. Get in early by going to their website. Like opera or simply fancy pretending to be cultured? This week’s event is a live broadcast from the Royal Opera House showing La Traviata on Tuesday at 6.40pm. If you haven’t already, check out our interview with the cinema’s manager Mike Matthews to see pictures from the projector room and to learn more about the cinema’s future. Full cinema listings for next week are after the break. Continue reading

Dead Without: LoveClapham’s June Playlist

Boom boom pow

The soundtrack to summer in Clapham is here. Check out LoveClapham’s Dead Without June’s Playlist for Spotify users packed with 20 of the biggest and best songs around at the moment – quite literally the most amazing set of songs you will find right now. If you don’t use Spotify, you can buy tracks from our Amazon shop. Other hot tracks yet to appear on Spotify to watch out for are Lovegame (Chew Fu Remix) by Lady Gaga ft Marilyn Manson and Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer by Freemasons ft Sophie Ellis-Bextor. More next month when we hope to own the above iPod boombox (thus the crap Photoshop job).

London to Brighton and other Clapham internet highlights

London to Brighton Clapham Start

The London to Brighton charity bike ride saw 27,000 people mounting their wheels to raise loads of dosh for the British Heart Foundation today. Above is the calm before the storm with the start line empty on Clapham Common South side the day before. The BBC is covering it and our own Mayor of Lambeth is taking part. Elsewhere on the interweb, Getting Naked On Clapham Common is one couple’s take on the unique and regular occurence in the summer of clothing removage. Clapham Common Flickr Group has been running for some time now with hundreds of photos of Clapham from people that live here – can you add any?

Clapham Picture House cinema: behind the scenes interview

Clapham Picture House cinema Mike Matthews

Two very exciting things happened to us at the same time this week. Before your imaginations run wild (they’re already running wild aren’t they?) the two things were: 1. going into a cinema projector room 2. meeting someone that has been on The Apprentice. This was accomplished by meeting Clapham Picture House manager and guest star of the 2008 Apprentice series, Mike Matthews, who took the time to speak to Love Clapham about the cinema’s history, its renaissance and its future moves into digital and 3D. Continue reading

Weekend Watch: Clapham fayres, clubs, hunts, bands, Robert Pattinson and discounts galore!

Clapham night out

Have you spotted our new Clapham Offers page in the top menu? Take a look, we’ve got a couple of excellent discounts for the Four O Nine restaurant in Clapham North including a tremendous Sunday lunch deal – check it out this weekend. On Friday evening it’s Northcote Road’s Summer Fare, see ya there! Then on Saturday it’s Clapham Common Fayre (note the spelling difference) at the Holy Trinity Church. Clapham clubbing offers and more below. Continue reading

Clapham Band Stand – Summer Schedule 2009

Clapham band stand

There’s a saying from Ricki Lake: “You have been told girlfriend!” And Love Clapham has been told. There we were, being all smug earlier in the week stating that “Clapham Band Stand is never used” when SHABAM! A whopping great schedule of Clapham Band Stand events comes flying into our inbox. Just for you, fellow Clappers, here is said schedule. Continue reading

Clapham Common festival guide 2009

Clapham Festivals 2009

Oh yes people, it’s that time of year again – Clapham festival time! Love Clapham is going totally gaga thinking about the massive partying ahead of us this summer. With Orbital, Super Furry Animals, Eric Prydz and The Human League all paying a trip to Clapham Common to headline, you lovely Clappers are totally spoilt for choice this year. But why choose when you can go to them all?! Read on for Love Clapham’s definitive guide to Clapham’s 2009 festivals. Continue reading

Clapham sport clubs

Clapham sports clubs

Like sports? Live in or near Clapham? Then you really have no excuse not to get off your backside and get involved in some Clapham sports. It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Clapham has a huge common and guess what, local residents definitely make the most of it. You can walk, run, cycle and skate around it and the many local parks for free, but if you fancy a bit of group or one-on-one action, this page lists some of Clapham’s sport clubs. Clubs and teams range from football, frisbee and lacrosse all the way to canoeing. Yeah, canoeing. Believe it! Continue reading

Twittering Mayor recognised for web use

Jason Cobb and Mayor of Lambeth

Local Twitterer (is that a proper noun yet?) Jason Cobb caught up with our on and offline social networking Mayor of Lambeth for an interview that you can listen to in the rest of this post. We’ve noticed the Mayor, Christopher Wellbelove, has been using the likes of Twitter and Facebook to full effect, encouraging more and more people to interact with Lambeth Council in loads of different ways. It’s a refreshing change that we hope spreads throughout other local authorities. Continue reading