3 Major Clapham Festivals Axed This Summer

3 major festivals have pulled out of taking place on Clapham Common this summer, with organisers and sponsors claiming that money and time is being invested elsewhere  in Diamond Jubilee and Olympic events. Topping the line-up of events that have faced the chop is the extremely popular Ben and Jerry’s festival which has bought in big acts to the Common for the last seven years. Also not happening this year is the Super Saturday pop concert, the Jamie Oliver Food festival and the British Gas Big Dip swimming pool. The loss of festivals will please the Park Groups who recently complained that there were too many events being hosted in the borough. However don’t be disheartened by the news Clappers, there are still a whole host of events happening in our area this summer which you can take part in including the SW4 Dance Festival, Cancer Research 5k and 10k Race For Life, Eastern Electrics Festival, and the Urban Art festival to name just a few!

5 thoughts on “3 Major Clapham Festivals Axed This Summer

  1. “The loss of festivals will please the Park Groups who recently complained that there were too many events being hosted in the borough. ” Who are these misery guts that live in an international city yet moan when there is a little bit of noise or people having fun?

  2. There is a group called the Friends of Clapham Common who look after the park’s interests http://claphamcommon.org/

    It’s a careful balance I guess to ensure we don’t lose what makes the common great in the first place.

  3. I am one of these misery guts. I have no problem with a bit of noise or people having fun. I do have a problem with large parts of the common being fenced off for a week at a time for corporate events.

  4. I too am one of these people you refer to as a ‘misery guts’. But I’m not really. I just care about the Common.
    The people who turn up on the day for one of these festivals/events just get to play for a day, whilst those of us who live around the Common have to suffer the effects all summer.
    These events companies put up huge fences a week before the event and then can take a week afterwards to clear up.
    Parts of the Common were utterly destroyed last summer by the amount of events put on in the same place and the ground was never repaired.
    Then there’s all the rubbish left by thousands of people that is blown into all the neighbouring streets leaving the whole place looking a real mess.
    And then there’s the constant bassy din that we have to put up with every other week.

    I think it’s great that there’s a few events taking place.
    But last year was over-kill and the Council were attempting to grab every last pound out of the situation to the detriment of the Common and all those that live around it.

  5. Thanks Andy and Nick for local resident perspectives. We have to protect what we have and I agree, last year did feel like overkill and there are still loads going on this year.

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