Ever felt like you’d quite like to join a choir but never have for fear of ‘not being good enough’ or embarrassed of singing in public? Well perhaps this is the answer for you. Vocality Clapham is a fun and friendly singing group led by an experienced musical director. Their unusual repertoire of songs from around the world includes traditional folk, spiritual, pop, gospel and ethnic tunes, from as far afield as Eastern Europe and Africa as well as the home nations. Vocality founder Catherine Dyson commented: “Our approach is rather different from many choirs: there are no auditions, we don’t use sheet music and it doesn’t matter if your voice is a little rusty. It’s all about giving people a chance to experience how fantastic it feels to sing beautiful songs in harmony with others. And if you’re having a bad week, it’s just the ticket – people go away feeling uplifted and energised.” If you’d like to find out a little bit more about it click here which will take you to their webpage. Happy singing!

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  1. It’s a great singing group. I joined a year ago and could barely croak a note, now I’m singing out with gusto! It’s a very unintimidating environment and there’s folks from all backgrounds who just love singing together. I can guarantee you’ll be whistling these tunes in your sleep, they’re so catchy! Sally is fantastic as our musical director and there’s no clever stuff like reading the dots and obscure Italian musical directions – just “up a bit and a bit louder”..and “stop singing now” and of course “let’s stop for a tea break now”. If you can hum a tune, however imprecisely, you’re in the gang! Blokes (especially)…your local singing group needs YOU!

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