Running in the Dark

It occurred to me recently when accompanying my extremely enthusiastic partner on an evening run around Clapham, how many people are out running on their own through the dimly lit, tree lined paths of the Common. I’ve never really considered the area a dangerous or threatening place and I’ll quite happily walk home alone after an evening out. However having observed the jogging members of the Clapham community, I noticed how many people were blending in to the shadowy surroundings by wearing dark colours, taking short cuts through paths with no street lamps and somewhat unaware of what or who was approaching them as they appeared lost in the music pumping through their headphones.

With busy schedules and limited hours of day light a lot of us only find the time to run in the early morning or at night. So listen up … if you are intent on going it alone – make sure you’re visible by wearing bright or reflective clothing, stick to lit paths, try and ditch the music and most importantly let someone know where you’re going and when you expect to be back.

For more guidelines or information about running with a group, please visit – Clapham’s biggest running club who take people of varied abilities on group routes in and around Clapham.

What do you think about running after dark on your own?

2 thoughts on “Running in the Dark

  1. Small note – the Clapham Pioneers website address has changed:

    On Tuesday evenings at 7:15pm between 50 and 70 people meet at Wingate Square for Clapham Pioneers main club might. At 7:30pm we head over to Clapham Common for an instructed group warm up and then runners have the choice of three running options, a shorter 5km/3Mile run for beginners, a longer route or a coaching session.

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